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Emily Poker. 🇺🇦

About you, briefly. How are you feeling now? Are you safe? (it is worth clarifying for the reader that you are in Ukraine, but you are at...

Artistic Photos vs. Commercial Photos?

Last time I talked about fans of Erotic Art a lot and how they are perceived by the public in relation to fans of other art forms. How...

The 809th Tale of Sheherazade

It turned out that Sheherazad was lover and servant of the Queen of a mighty sisterhood. A letter she wrote to her Queen one day revealed...

Prejudices Against Erotic Art and Fans

What for a world is it we live in, us Nude Art fans? The cliché is, that we are all nerdy guys who sit in the dark behind our screens,...

Magic Lingerie Inc.

Stories like that never happen on Christmas! In the movies they always and only happen on Christmas. But not in real life. Here it...

Collecting Nude Art

In times of streaming portals, of watching movies on the platforms without a download option, collectors seem to become a dying breed....

The Case of the Naughty Nurse

Life is hard for agents of a Secret Service. I work in all kinds of disguises and my lover is not allowed to know about it. When she...

The Myth Of A Happy Life

Dedicated to Albert Camus After a long walk around the isle they got tired, spread a big blanket to the ground, lay down and fell asleep....

Accessory and Life Style in Nude Art

By watching a Nude Art production you always go into relationship with the model first! Before you think about quality, photographers or...

Fool For Love

Dance Halls are noisy. Busy. Ecstatic activity. She loves it. Sometimes. With her long blond hair, dressed in her tightest leather pants,...


Everything can be a fetish. But we use the word a bit too often. We all have sexual preferences and we have turn-ons. Most of them we...

Trying Out New Things

This morning she watched a Lesbian movie, where the two women turned each other on... with food. She knows that many people love it, but...

The Mysterious Island

I was in the middle of the ocean, when my boat sank at night by reasons not known to me. I was in a deep sleep at the time and the only...

Eye Contact

It's not an undiscussed feature. In regular movies it makes people love or hate the whole movie when actors go into contact with the...

One Year, It Passes Over

Farewell 2021. Only a few hours to go and the year is gone. New Year's eve was always my favorite time of the year. Full of hopes,...

450 New Erotic Art Models in 2021

The year comes to a close and invites to look back. I just found a list of models who started to work in Erotic Art during 2021 and this...

Feeling Good

She arrived home after a day full of excitement. Shopping was the smallest part. She took care of some charity activities she was...

Nude Art Fans and Time

Who are we, us fans of Nude Art and why is time important to say something about us? Let's start with an example which might not be too...

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Model, Photographer and Leader.

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Bohemian (beauty, freedom, truth, art, and above all LOVE), an admirer of hedonistic philosophy.



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