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The 809th Tale of Sheherazade

It turned out that Sheherazad was lover and servant of the Queen of a mighty sisterhood. A letter she wrote to her Queen one day revealed...

Magic Lingerie Inc.

Stories like that never happen on Christmas! In the movies they always and only happen on Christmas. But not in real life. Here it...

The Case of the Naughty Nurse

Life is hard for agents of a Secret Service. I work in all kinds of disguises and my lover is not allowed to know about it. When she...

The Myth Of A Happy Life

Dedicated to Albert Camus After a long walk around the isle they got tired, spread a big blanket to the ground, lay down and fell asleep....

Fool For Love

Dance Halls are noisy. Busy. Ecstatic activity. She loves it. Sometimes. With her long blond hair, dressed in her tightest leather pants,...

Trying Out New Things

This morning she watched a Lesbian movie, where the two women turned each other on... with food. She knows that many people love it, but...

The Mysterious Island

I was in the middle of the ocean, when my boat sank at night by reasons not known to me. I was in a deep sleep at the time and the only...

Feeling Good

She arrived home after a day full of excitement. Shopping was the smallest part. She took care of some charity activities she was...

What Is A Man Good For?

She reached the forest shortly before nightfall. Summer was at its hottest and the branches beneath her feet cracked auspiciously with...


She spent all day to sign new rules, talk to foreign ambassadors and settle fights of neighborly nature with farmers from the outskirts...

Massage Therapy

Only once per month she finds the time for her massage. Her masseuse is an expert with her fingers and fingers have been since forever...

Crazy Morning

"You're my man!" she said and in the next second she fell asleep. I was happy, we just had wonderful sex and nothing could be more...

I Will Know You By Your Taste

"Mmm. You taste so good!" he said. "No woman I fell in love with ever tasted so good!" She looked at him, satisfied, halfway in love, but...

Fan Fiction - A Big Bang Theory

He woke up in bed, happily, with her arms on his chest and her taste on his lips and on his tongue. She was a completely 'normal' woman,...

Non-Nude Ecstasy

"I didn't just come to watch the movie!" she said when the credits were halfway over on the screen in my living room. I looked into her...

My Night Between Her Thighs

It was the split second when I fell into sleep that my arm slipped down my body and to the sheets. Just that my hand didn't really come...

Blockbuster Casting

From one day to the next her movies became more successful than any James Cameron movie. That made her the first name in Hollywood. Her...

Indecent Behaviour

Sitting in a chair next to her living room glass table she can almost feel it coming inside of her: innocence, purity and a little bit of...

Symbiotic Touches

My friend loves me. She really does. She’s almost crazy for me, insatiably fond of my body and she knows exactly what drives me crazy. I...

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Model, Photographer and Leader.

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Bohemian (beauty, freedom, truth, art, and above all LOVE), an admirer of hedonistic philosophy.



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