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450 New Erotic Art Models in 2021

The year comes to a close and invites to look back. I just found a list of models who started to work in Erotic Art during 2021 and this list gives us 450 names! It's not complete! This list was put together based on data from pay sites! And since LilBii and Dilara, the 2 new exclusive models Milena Angel works with, aren't in this list we must assume that new sites of the last months are not listed in its entirety. Also those models are not in it, who work exclusively on their own and use platforms like OnlyFans. So altogether there will be much more! Maybe close to 1000? Who are they?

Let us stay with the 450! They work for pay sites and that's an area where I feel more experienced. Many of them will work in porn. Maybe they do exclusively hardcore movies. So when you are frequenting hardcore sites, you will already know some of them. And here we realize that the number 450 has no relevance for each one of us. When you're looking for solo Nude Art models only, many of the 450 you will never meet on the sites you visit. The same can be said for hardcore fans the other way around. A major network site tells us they are presenting 20 new models every month, that's 240 per year! One new aspect we saw this year is also, that many photographers sell their work to even more sites than ever! Quite a number of new models were featured on every Nude Art site I visited over the year! This feeds my assumption that maybe this number, 240, maybe a bit more, is the number we can talk about regarding new solo models in biz on Nude Art pay sites in 2021. Leaves more than 200 new porn actresses, some models will do both, solo and hardcore. This is all just guessing.

Some of them made the clear decision to work as nude model and will have contacted agencies on their own behalf, who took their names (and photos) in a card index, where photographers can find them. Others might have been contacted by model scouts who roam the Clubs and other places where they find beautiful women. Some of them might have been found because they already worked on cam sites, making shows from home? Last year's enormous success of OnlyFans attracted many nude-models-to be. LilBii for example started her modeling with her own OnlyFans account. And then there are women who know other women who already work as Erotic models for some time. Site runners and all kinds of creatives keep their eyes wide open for new talents. I know from Milena that she does.

For you as consumers it means that you live in a wonderful world! I don't know how many models quit every year, but they obviously keep coming. I also don't know how many models you follow! I'm a bit picky. I'm a collector. When I am interested in a new model I open a folder for her portfolio on my harddrive with her name and hope for 100s of sets coming into the folders over the next years. I fall in love with them and wait especially for new sets with this small group of models. In between I don't look around for other models. My heart is not big enough for 240 new models. This year I opened only 3 new folders, two of them for LilBii and Dilara, exclusively at the Club! From the 3rd one I know that she is a close friend of a very famous model who works for a very long time already in biz. Last year I tried to be less picky and spontaneously started to collect 10 new models in Summer and 7 of them were already gone again when the year ran out. That is of course an important aspect for people like me, who collect models after falling in love with them. Broken hearts are pre-programmed. When you are less romantic, maybe you are not choosing your sets after model names but you are interested in other features, your heart will be less emotionally predisposed.

So, whoever the 450 are, a huge number of them will be already gone by now! For different reasons. One might be that they only agreed to work for one single occasion. Over one weekend. They made 10 shoots and left forever. Us fans will not know about it over the time those 10 sets get published! For us they vanish after we already admire them for almost a year. And even if we knew earlier about it, we have no influence on that. Erotic Art fit only into their plans for life for such a short time. Much more important is for us, when models want to stay and make a living with Erotic Art, but can't. Maybe because they didn't find the support they needed to stay for a longer while. They all want to live from what they do! They need to pay their rents and want a certain quality in their lives. (Those who want to work independently face the costs it has, to realize their own vision of Erotic Art, outfits, locations, equipment!) The competition is tough, no matter if 240 or 450 new models want to earn their income, on pay sites as well as on OnlyFans. So when you are interested in a new model, in any model, start to support her! We want to have them here, so let us do what's necessary to make them stay. Joining sites is one very important first step, but an additional showing of favor can do the trick. Like using the ratings on sites, making comments, giving tips when possible or buying their content on platforms up to ordering Custom sets. It's like in other art forms. You can watch your fave TV show by joining streaming platforms, for additional information you buy the Bluray and when you want to make it a personal experience you travel to conventions your stars show up at and pay for signed photos and more. Fans' behavior is traditionally one half of business. Plain and simple.

What I don't know is, how many new fans there are every year! I have no idea! The more we are, the better is the support every model can get from us and the better is the budget for producing content. How does Nude Art as a business find new paying members? What is it that brought us here? What makes us leave? If we know that, we can tell sites, site runners and creatives about it and they can adapt, when the wishes are reasonable. So make yourself heard! One way is, to register here and comment to my texts. And to do the same under the updates at the Club. I can guarantee you that I will read EVERY comment. And Milena will, too!

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