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A new game is on - the New Blog at the Club


The New Milena Angel Club will soon open its portals and it will look wonderful. Prepare for the discovery to check out what is new and which content made it to the new Club, maybe you will find movies or photo sets you previously missed and maybe you will discover things which changed or are completely new.

One thing Milena wanted not to change and where she asked to bring new life to it, was the blog section and so I’m proud and happy to be here again. For the previous Blog I wrote more than 300 texts. Reviews and Erotic Fiction have been the usual features, sometimes important news and events, I even wrote a poem once. Or was it twice? Milena herself wrote every now and then texts herself, when she wanted to tell something from her personal point of view.

All this returns to the new Blog as well. It is just meant to be even more colorful, more diversified and definitely always up-to-date! I will not fool you with old theories from 2005 like I’ve read them on other sites. The world of eroticism is rich of interesting topics. May it be well known features like lingerie, explicitness and some fetishes (feet, panties, Shibari and more) or even more complex themes like: “What exactly in a photo set or movie triggers sensual arousing and what makes it turn into aroused excitement?” or “Why do feminists all over the world love BDSM?” You will get surprising answers.

Texts become alive when they’ve been read. And a blog section is even more alive, when readers give feedbacks and tell us what they thought about the texts they read. So don’t be shy to interact. Be sure that Milena and I will read every comment. And when you have a burning question about the far and beautiful landscapes not only of the new Milena Angel Club, but also about the whole world of Erotic Art and eroticism, you can trustfully rely on me. I will find the answer! And tell you about it.

We'll be reading us!

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