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Accessory and Life Style in Nude Art

By watching a Nude Art production you always go into relationship with the model first! Before you think about quality, photographers or make cross references between shoots, before you even think at all, you go into relationship to the model! This is one of many reasons why the models and their acting are the most important aspects of all in Nude Art! She's our reason to be here! Sometimes we don't even notice the surrounding unless we decide to do it. But in the same way we might not even notice the little things which help the model to perform the role she decided to perform in this particular shoot! Many things we notice without knowing.

The things which make us think as much about the personality of a model as her beauty, her radiance and performance is the used accessory in a set! It's amazing how much influence smallest things can have. The most spectacular effect have glasses! So many people wear glasses every day! Normal people! Bus drivers, package deliverers, florists... They are short-sighted and they need glasses, no matter what kind of persons they are! So it's really funny: when we see a model with glasses in a Nude Art production (it doesn't matter which kind of glasses, but colored glasses are the only ones coming with different associations!), we see her like that: she's a secretary-type! Or a librarian. Maybe a student. But in every case we see a smart person! Intelligent, maybe dominant, maybe shy. I can't talk for everybody, but I think that's what most of us perceive, no matter if there is an office desk visible in the scene. Some models just lie in bed and read a book. With glasses. When I see her I never think she's short-sighted. I think she's a very smart woman at home. A secretary or a librarian. Glasses are the strongest bearer of a particular information imaginable. Outfits can be very suggestive, too! A model indoors wearing a soft sweater or pullover, but naked legs, and I instantly think it is a private set! "That's her! The model herself. In privacy at home!" And we will draw our conclusions about the personality of the model from what we see in this movie! The conclusions about the pullover will be different from sets with lingerie. Purple stockings give us different hints than black ones.

When a model drinks coffee in the kitchen or takes a glass of whiskey or wine out of a cabinet, it changes the nature of the whole set! Jewelry is always important. Rings, navel jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, they come with associations, often difficult and depending on watcher's experiences with it. Hair styles are extremely narrative! But similar to make-up it's to be treated with caution! Sometimes make-up and hairstyle depend on general ideas of the set designer or photographer! And have nothing to do with individual shoot design! But in the end it all adds up to give us feelings, associations and conclusions about what we see - and who we see!

So it can be said that we learn much about lifestyle in photo sets and movies, according to the imagination of the creatives. That's not a bad thing. Nude Art was always meant to present free and nude life style! Accessory is an important thing of any kinds of lifestyles. It can help us getting access to a shoot when we see a style we prefer for ourselves! An alternative style or a luxurious, expensive style draws us deeper into a set depending on what we love ourselves. Or what impresses us more.

It all doesn't change the most important fact: we always go into relationship with the model, according to what we see! The beauty, the aura of a model is not to be questioned. That is the thing which is a fact! Everything else is a collaboration between the model's performance (which can be a presentation of her true personality, but maybe and even more likely it's not!), the many things she chose as accessory to strengthen the message of the shoot, and the chosen life style she presents to us.

Another important thought is: when I see a model in always similar surroundings and styles, I might see that as her personal expressions. Her sets are recognizable and seem to be a celebration not only of her amazing body, but also of her true personality. When I have 100, 200 sets of one model and she's different every time, I say: "Wow! She's a real artist and very diversified in her acting skills." I see her as a secretary, a girl, a Lady, a wildcat. Since in truth she can't be everything at once, my conclusion is, that she's a great performer. And this conclusion is very likely right. But maybe the former model, who always seems to be the same person, also puts much effort in that! Maybe it's her artful understanding to invent a steady fictional person! Who she really is in her privacy, I can never know! And it's not my business to know! Or yours! Unless she tells you about it in social media. In photo sets and movies we must see everything as a part of the performance. Brought to the point by the performance, but accentuated or even defined by the accessory.

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