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Art Nude

Lilbii by Milena Angel

Nude Art, Erotic Art as we know it, is photos in larger groups, 100 or more or less photos telling us a story. Traditionally a striptease, or a sequence of poses in a certain style in one location. This remarkable and unique way of presenting hot scenes gets more sophisticated and diversified with every year. And I think it's no secret that this is my preferred way to enjoy Erotic Art. But the world is bigger than that.

Out there are many photographers who present their work at Instagram or VK and other platforms, even sell it on platforms like Bentbox, and they follow a very different path. I even think that the art of photography has a higher value in that department! When the success and acceptance of traditional Nude Art photo sets very much depends on the model and her performance skills, her beauty, her radiance and charisma, those photographers focus much more on single moments and single photos. There can be hours of work to get one single shot done. And that shot is already the final result! (That means for models that they have to stay in a single pose for quite some time!) Those photographers do single photos or very small groups of photos. 3, maybe 5. The beauty of the model is of highest importance here. Definitely. But the quality, the sophisticated shoot of one photo by the photographer stands in the focus of the artful process.

Also the post-production has another meaning for the result. When in classic photo sets most fans want the models natural, unaltered, those single photos I talk about, can be changed by photoshop etc. without inspiring my concern, because this is - in my opinion - a completely different way of photographic art! The result can become very unusual and precious by adding totally alienating effects in the photos. Photos can look like paintings in the end, due to the post-production.

It is very likely that these photos reach out to a very different kind of fans. I also think that prices for those photos are in another league than traditional photo sets as I collect them.

Intimate shots are not as natural here! Of course it can happen that a photographer makes one single pussy shot. But the most of those single photos show the models in artful or strange surroundings, in luxurious outfits or lingerie, with only glimpses to their intimate areas.

Thing is also that this form of artful photography has its own portfolio of models! Many models, some of them also famous in their circles, prefer to shoot in this area of Erotic Art. Some even work exclusively with photographers who do that! Some of those photographers also do sets for regular Nude Art, so it can happen that one day a model debuts on a site who previously only made Art Nude. But it is a very rare event.

The term for this kind of erotic shoots is Art Nude, as a shortcut for Artistic Nudes. It is Erotic Art, it has nudity or partly nudity, but the focus is on the photography! The degree of nudity or explicitness doesn't stand in the foreground! The single photo, the result, is the reason to do it. So we can say that the focus is turned around! When 'our' photo sets focus on explicit nudity with different degrees of being artful, here we have a focus on the artful photography with different degrees of nudity! Nude Art! Art Nude! The preference changed!

It turned out that the term is not generally accepted. When I already used that term for a while, some photographers I'm in contact with laughed at me and told me that this term really doesn't exist. They say it's one of the words we use, which are based on a mistake, but got a life on its own. For a narrow group of people. I don't want to argue here. They can take things as they want. But I think the wording makes sense. The difference between both kinds of photography and also the difference in the kind of work for the models invites me to have 2 different words for it. Their obvious similarity also symbolizes the familiarity between the two forms of artful creation.

Last not least language is a vivid thing. We need a word, we have a word, let's use it.

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