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Artistic Photos vs. Commercial Photos?

Last time I talked about fans of Erotic Art a lot and how they are perceived by the public in relation to fans of other art forms. How are things inside of this form of art we call 'online Erotic Art' or Nude Art, which is a pretty new form of artful depiction? Not even a consistent definition is possible. The definitions of Nude Art or Erotic Art that we have, stand in parts in contradiction to the art itself and to the way it is presented. Even experts and artists themselves can't talk about it without contradicting to each other and even to themselves! A few months ago I was led to a definition of Nude Art which is my definition of porn and next to it I found a definition of Erotic Art which is very much what we all would call Nude Art! Like I said, Nude Art in the Internet is new! Erotic Art was defined much earlier and online Erotic Art has its own characteristics and is not simply to be categorized inside of earlier Erotic Art definitions. Even defining quality of online Erotic Art is difficult, mostly made by pure feelings or by numerable features like pixels or resolutions. But I can assure you that things are on their way to become comprehensible and easier.

The usual thing happening to new art forms is the rivalry between art and commerce! This is exactly what happens right now! Art Nude models and photographers who invest much time in creating single shots talk about a higher value of what they do in comparison to those who make photo sets and movies for existing paysites. Which is then called 'commercial photo and movie production'! Even photographers who do that, who work commercially for sites, talk like that! "I can't work with this model anymore. She's not doing commercial shoots anymore!" The cause for their use of words seems obvious to me. They think that single shots, that Art Nude stands in the tradition of famous Erotic photographers like Helmut Newton or Balthus, whose work is acceptedly called art, while online Erotic Art or Nude Art, in absence of a better word today often called as Met style, is still struggling to be accepted as art by the public (look at last week's text!)! Here is the right time to say it again and I am tempted to say it very loudly, because it is SO important to accept: the REAL and greatest and main(!) sensational innovation of online Erotic Art is the photo set as a sequential narrative! Not single photos, not movies, not anything else is the heart and soul of online Erotic Art. It's photo sets! The one thing which most creatives call themselves commercial! Anything else was already established in tangible form like print media or on discs much, much earlier! The art in online Erotic Art is - let's say it together, let's say it loud - photo sets as sequential narratives!

The 'commercial' online Erotic Art has one advantage towards all the others: they already have an established system of payments. For a very long time! That also means, they have a much bigger fandom! But in newer times things come into motion for Art Nude producers and independent producers (content creators) via OnlyFans, BentBox and similar providers. And please understand that: all this has nothing to do with quality! Or with defining art or deciding of what is art or NOT. This whole process is just the process of establishing itself as a new form of art! Online Erotic Art is only 20 years old! That's not a long time! When people started to define comic books, those books were already produced for over 50 years!

So as I said before: things will become more smooth in the future! Making good photo sets as sequential narratives will become more sophisticated! When models and photographers start to work with the essential discovery, with the endless opportunities, with the psychological and artful dimensions of what happens in watchers minds between two photos in a photo set, between each of them, the glory days of photo sets will finally be there, but everything needed for it is already there. Now! Many creatives do not realize the fantastic work they already do, but WHEN they start to realize it, things will become really awesome! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then read my earlier text "Movies have scenes, photo sets have moments)" I think that at that time many Art Nude creators will change their focus on single shots, because the art in sophisticated narrative photo sets will be much more tempting for them. It's the next stage of artful photography and not a commercialized sexploitation!

On the other hand: when payments for single photos, for more experimental or stylized shots are organized better, more photographers might do both kinds of Erotic Art! The sequential narratives in photo sets AND the artful single shots. And there will be nothing each other will have to be jealous about or which makes them feel lesser than the other. Each ways of online Erotic Art will become more sophisticated and thus more attractive for us fans and creatives alike. There will be no prejudice among the artists anymore. Provided that they stay strong against paysites which try to make them work more commercial and in mass production. But even that will go its predestined way! Paysites like book publishers always want more. They will always have one eye towards pulp producers. Who produce cheap and fast and much content in a short time. That's how things have always been. And that is how things will stay behind the scenes of the current networks. But they can't call themselves the state of the art anymore! Because the state of the art will be defined by the creatives, by models and photographers! It will need a few more years before this stage is reached. But it will happen exactly like that. Read this text again in 5 years and you will see how good it is! And when online Nude Art doesn't exist anymore in 5 years, then you will see how bad this text is. Things are always in motion.

End of Part 2. Coming next: Satisfaction. Physical or aesthetical?

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