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Blockbuster Casting

From one day to the next her movies became more successful than any James Cameron movie. That made her the first name in Hollywood. Her movies are a smart mix of one or two epic action sequences, but with a main focus on serious drama elements and… most of all she became known for her sophisticated inclusion of explicit eroticism. The Crème de la crème of Hollywood begs for a part in her next movies. I’m a pretty unknown actor with certain advantages for erotic scenes and yesterday I got a casting call! Right now I’m standing with her in a big studio and prepare for performing a scene. And in an instant I become aware again of one of my major disadvantages: I’m very, very shy. And so I decided to have recourse to advice my Grandmother used to teach me. I imagined her getting naked during my performance! The director of the movie I wanted to star in!

“Give me the final scene in ‘9 ½ weeks’!” she said. “She wants to leave you and you finally start to tell her everything she always wanted to know about you!” This will not be easy. The scene is a most demanding scene. But it’s also a joy for me to present her one of the most classic scenes for a male character. In it I have to be attractive, persuading and intriguing, but also I must leave space for the viewer to imagine that I possibly still only play with the female actresses feelings. It’s a highly complex scene which made the original actor famous by all rights.

In the final seconds before I start I look at her. She’s not only famous. She’s breathtakingly beautiful. Her beautiful face is emphasized by a deep red lipstick and glasses. Do you know the glasses which imply sex? Yes, those glasses.

She nods and I start to perform. “I had five brothers. I’m the youngest…” And while I do, I imagine her losing her pants and heels first! She looks awesome when she’s in her panties only. My – performed - desire from the scene I play to keep her staying with me gets real! I say the lines and see her losing her panties next. My hunger for her body grows and my voice gets more appealing. I see interest for me starting to glow in her eyes behind those glasses. And when I stare at her naked body from head to toe she takes the glasses off her face and I recognize a spark in her eyes that doesn’t vanish anymore. I see her posing naked on a paraphernalia box, I see every explicit detail of her perfect body and I perform my heart out in speaking the famous lines. When I finally finished she comes close to me, her glasses in hands, the lipstick emanating the scent of highest nobility. “You know how the movie ends!” she says. “In the movie you haven’t convinced me to stay with you.” Something inside of me wants to break down under her words. But after a short pause she adds: “But you convinced me to give you the role. We’ll meet in four days for first shootings!” Said it, turned around and walked to the exit door of the studio. I watched her, saw her beautiful tight ass, the tight shoulders and her elegant walk. I still imagined her naked. And I was the happiest actor I know. Should l visit my Grandmother and tell her how she saved my day?

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