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Collecting Nude Art

In times of streaming portals, of watching movies on the platforms without a download option, collectors seem to become a dying breed. But they don't! For a reason! Regular watchers want to watch movies for free. They yearn for discounts and free months. Collectors don't do that! They want to see the movie as soon as possible, they pay the regular monthly fee at the streaming platform without hesitation and... they buy the Bluray Special Edition afterwards because they want the best available version of the movie with featurettes, documentaries and audio commentaries at home! Collectors know when there are cut versions of the movies and they would never buy them. Collectors buy the longest available version of a movie! They want the best. And they are smart! They know that quality and effort costs money and for their collector's items they pay a proper amount of money. They aren't necessarily rich people, but they invest their money into their hobby! The movie industry lives from collectors who buy the expensive versions of the movies, not the discount version! Movie industry produces extra items for collectors! It's obviously worth to keep collectors attracted.

There are things which have a magnetic effect on collectors! Blurays and DVDs (people buy the same movies again and again when better versions come out!), trading cards, comic books, even toys in chocolate eggs or collecting every item in a computer game (they make lists!)... collectors really care for those things! For 30 years teachers ask themselves, why people learn the names and abilities of 150 Pokemon, but are not able to learn 10 new words in a foreign language every day! Collectors are dedicated, enthusiastic, active. They are heart and soul of the fans of an art form! Nude Art is a feast for collectors! If Nude Art had started to produce their content adapted for collector's mannerisms, they would all be very rich by now! Instead Nude Art made a really big mistake by thinking: "They are all just here for wanking, very likely very stupid." BIG mistake and we all suffer from the consequences! The stupid guys are the creatives who think like that! They chase away the collectors for over 10 years! And must now indeed live with the wankers who collect single nudes from Google or download sets from pirate sites! Ignoring collectors' needs and not even knowing about them (It's true! A very popular photographer today does NOT know about collectors and their behavior! Sorry, but you can't do business like that!), all that made Nude Art the very first collectors domain which did not accomplish to profit from them! Here's the reasons, and only a few of them:

  1. Photographers shoot sets and create releases with 120 pics. Then they split the poetic creation in 3 fragments and change the continuity, so that every set looks like a small stand-alone set! The original poetry is destroyed and the change of continuity prevents fans from restoring the original version. (I made it! I restored sets of a very important model, destroyed by the photographer! It was hard work and worth every minute! The photographer worked by all means: reverse picture order, complete discontinuity of the original set, random choice of pics and much more. And he does it permanently! It's a very good photographer, but he destroys EVERY one of his sets for years!) Obviously these photographers want to increase the money they get with every set by making 3 sets out of 1. 3 payments instead of 1. A thought as understandable as it reveals the simple nature of the photographers thinking! These photographers will get what they want from the stupids! Collectors, when they realize what happened, lose all interest in sets like that. It's a typical example of chasing away the people who would even pay more for proper content and keeping those instead, who will cry for more discount on a weekly basis. THey will not even realize that the sets are split in pieces. And the photographer might think again: "They are all stupid." Sure, he dragged the others away personally! Even more annoying is, when photographers get asked and they pretend it isn't so! They really think their own fans are stupid and can't know what happened! And when fans insist on their observations, the photographers get angry! Because photographers think of themselves as artists. Artists are noble persons. Noble persons don't do terrible things. And only hater pretend the opposite. For models this means: when the photographer gets 3 times a fee for the fragments he publishes, the model only got paid for one shoot! And she waits for a next booking which never comes! The sets I restored were shot in 2015 and published up to 2020 in fragments. The model gave up hope for new booking at the end of 2017.

  2. When a photographer makes 20 sets with a model, we call it a run. This run is a very special creative period. We can say, as different as the sets may be, they are a closed chapter in the creativity of the model. When those sets get sold to 5 sites, the usual ownership rules in biz say that this closed chapter can never be presented as a whole again. But these complete runs are of special interest for collectors! Buying the whole run together with backstage specials or a few shooting anecdotes in a collectors package would make collectors pay more for it than the membership fees on the 5 sites! That will never happen. Ownership of content is a holy shrine of site runners! People who have a complete edition of Jean-Paul Sartre or Marcel Proust at home, totally natural in the book market, will never get a complete edition of Milena Angel, even when they are willing to pay a lot of money for it! Collectors say: "What do I have to pay for a Collector's Complete Edition of Milena Angel? I can pay in a minute." Business replies: "I give you a discount for one month on a site of your choice."

  3. It's the nature of being a collector: a photo set or movie they can't save on their hardrives doesn't exist for them. Well, they know it exists, they know it very well and in the evenings they will shed some tears about them, but as a collector's item those releases are lost to them. And they will not invest money in content when they can't download it! I know that's hard for independent models on solo sites! I visited several solo sites a few months back and saw after joining that they have no download options. I love the models. I asked them and they told me, that they are afraid that providing a download button makes pirates collect their content and give it away for free on pirate sites. I hate that! Put them into jail! Do it! But as a collector I cancelled my membership immediately and for the whole month I paid for I did NOT visit those sites again. Not for a single time. Not by plan or out of anger. I just forgot about the sites. I lost my interest. Sites without download buttons don't exist for me. Call it sick or crazy, but that's how it is. And I also must say: if business had started to produce for collectors much earlier, the problem wouldn't exist! Right now collectors are a minority, because biz has structured itself in ignorance of the very important and large group of collectors! Collectors DO NOT go to pirate sites! On the contrary! Collectors order Custom shoots for 500 Dollar! But there are no collectors here anymore! They spend their money for rare Vinyl records now, because Nude Art chased them away!

I could go on for days with this topic! What Nude Art biz actually does, is more and more producing content for smartphone gigglers and single nudes wankers. And those people exactly are the people who don't need sites! THEY are the ones who get their content from pirate sites or Google! The collectors are smart people, people of good taste and style, maybe intellectuals, academics, but rebellious. They are interested in the whole package that is called Nude Art business. They want backstage content, outtakes, information(!), they want intelligent Nude Art! And if you don't know what that is, ask me! Collectors have insight into the need to finance the art! They invest their money in their hobby. They make creatives get paid. They don't steal, they don't betray, but they are sensible. When you want money for nothing, or for destroyed art, when the art is just nudes without a vision, collectors will notice! And they will never forget when they get fooled. Right now business does nothing for keeping these people close and interested! Single creatives do. Some models are attentive for their peculiarities. But the lot of the business creators and site runners prefer the smartphone nudes gigglers. Because they think they can be milked easier. (And seriously: business believes they have the pockets full of money! The most ridiculous miscalculation ever made!) In reality they are the ones who get their nudes with search engines for free. Indeed they don't need full sets. THEY do NOT need download buttons! They don't even need paysites. Every other line of business would say: be aware of those people! You will not earn money with them. You don't need them at all! And Nude Art places all bets on this group of scroungers. They even produce their content to satisfy those people! Congratulations. You really failed big. Once upon a time everybody knew that "Sex Sells" and Nude Art made it happen that it's not true anymore. Again: Congrats!

To sum it up: Nude Art business made the essentially important group of collectors a minority! Over years! In it's core Nude Art is a feast for collectors! And what Pokemon and Chocolate Egg toys accomplished, Nude Art has failed drastically by producing great content and by placing and promoting and organising it determinedly in a way that collectors get deterred. And I tell you that it's really NOT easy to chase away collectors! Even more congratulations! And now that so many of them are gone, it will not be easy to change that again. You better start now! Here, I'm a collector! And right now I only trust in Milena Angel. When you want to know why, you know where to find me.

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