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Conversations Between Models and Fans

Getting into contact with your admired Erotic models is much easier today than it ever was. When I got interested in Nude Art in 2012 it wasn't even imaginable for me. (But not completely impossible as I know today.) When a model shoots a couple of sets with a photographer who sells them to the regular multi-model sites, the models don't have access to those sites. They don't even know which set was sold to which site. So they can read the fans' comments after publication, but cannot answer! Only very few models go to Erotic fairs, where fans can meet them, take photos together, get autographs or even can have short conversations. This is a very special and immediate contact which needs a special kind of professionalism from the models' side. Most models, who do Erotic shoots for making a living during their studies, don't feel comfortable with such events. It is similar in online live cam shows. You can't make photos of you and the model here, but you can place questions and get answers. But next to you are 200 more fans, who place their own questions and requests. And maybe this 'showbiz' kind of conversations happening on Erotic fairs and in Cam shows are not exactly the kind of contact many fans wish.

Fans are in a 'personal relationship' to their admired models even without being in personal contact! They watch every set and movie of them, they think about their personality, how they behave in real life, they imagine how her voice sounds like. And they certainly ask themselves about details of their private lives like hobbies or even sexual preferences. They want to know about the attitude the models have towards their own work. About characteristics of working as Erotic models and their individual approach to it. Also about difficulties. Maybe they have already 100 questions in their minds when a model opens her OnlyFans account or her personal 'solo site' with a button for private messages. And maybe many of those questions are not SO present anymore in that special, exciting moment when you sent your first message to her and receive your first answer a few minutes (or hours, sometimes days) later. I know myself that this moment is precious. And incomparable. Getting into 'virtual' touch with a model can change everything for a devoted fan.

Not every model goes into communication with her fans. Nude modeling is being very busy! And private time is precious! So don't think of her as arrogant or not appreciative. Maybe it is her nature. Maybe she is as shy as many of her fans are. Maybe she can't express her thoughts so good in English language. For some models private messages are part of the business! They interact with their fans, but in a professional way, not like being friends!

But some models are as interested in who her fans are as her fans are interested in her. (Virtual contact still depends on both their personalities. It's exactly like meeting someone in a bar. Some people might find access to each other and talk for hours. Sometimes you don't find the words and a first meet ends after minutes. This is completely natural! And becomes even more understandable when a model gets 100 private messages every day!) When a model's excitement to create hot Erotic Art meets the same excitement to watch it from fan's side, there is a common interest! Going out from this perspective a personal contact can lead to a very friendly and mutual exchange of thoughts and when such a relationship goes on for a longer time, weeks, months or even years, there will be some kind of friendship, a relationship which is very exceptional and makes Erotic Art something very precious and unique! And it not only depends on the model, how deep such a 'virtual'(!) friendship goes! It depends very much on you!

A model in a photo set is a fictional person! You can imagine everything you want by watching it! The sky is the limit and what happens in your mind stays in your mind! When you get into contact with the model and the model talks to you as the person she is, things change! Conversations are not fantasies come true! Okay, I admit they ARE fantasies come true! But of another, less sexual kind than I mentioned them before! They are exchange of thoughts on eye's level, depending on what both of you think about each other! This can even change your perception of her sets and movies! Maybe you start to see the model in it and not only your erotic fantasy! Maybe you stay with your fantasy and you have a completely different approach to her sets than you have in your contacts to her. When you imagine a woman in a photo set being a sex addicted nymphomaniac, you might be surprised when she talks to you about cooking, politics, playing the piano or even children's education. And of course, when cooking is her hobby, you will have a much more balanced conversation when you like cooking, too!

Also you must know that a personal contact always needs the participants to take responsibility for what they say. When you have ideas for future shoots which do not match with the model's usual work, she will be easily able to explain it to you. When somebody proposes something unethical or aesthetically unacceptable... such a request will certainly characterize the future relationship between this fan and the model forever! It very often is a lack of empathy on fans' side, when a conversation ends abruptly before it even started. A model I came into a very friendly and lasting contact with, wrote to me very early in our chats: "I think I must get used to the fact that not every fan is a perv!"

Today being in contact with models you like, admire and even love is easier than ever before! It can start on Twitter, OnlyFans or on her personal site. It's a fantastic chance to make more of your Erotic Art experience! It can become an insight into the world of nude modeling, into the personality of your stars and even a glimpse into their real world, their ideas and fantasies. It can lead to intimate talks about sensual things, too! It can happen that you become (virtual!) friends! It's a clear improvement of your perception of Erotic Art! Be yourself when you go into contact! You can be the perfect superhero(ine) you WANT to be (but aren't!) in your fantasies, and by watching the photo sets and movies! But when you see the notification on your screen "You just received a message from..."... THEN be yourself! You just got a precious gift! Be worth it to yourself first!

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