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Crazy Morning

Emily Poker and Anna

"You're my man!" she said and in the next second she fell asleep. I was happy, we just had wonderful sex and nothing could be more pleasant for me now than feeling her head on my shoulder, her long hair caressing my breasts down to my navel. "You're my man!" she said. The words ran through my brain, but I was so exhausted, so happily done for, that I also fell into a heavenly, dreamless sleep.

It was 5AM when I woke up. "You're my man!" it echoed in my mind over and over. I got up. The sentence rang a bell 3 hours ago. But now there was a whole group of church bells ringing. What was she thinking? I'm not a man. And I was sure I didn't behave like one yesterday. Or did I? That simple sentence made me upset. I felt the urge to go for a walk, slipped into my dress, then took a piece of paper, kissed it and left the imprint of my lipstick on it, placed it where she would expect to see my head after waking up. I jumped into my sneakers and left the apartment.

The first thing I saw was the bakery, Mister Grappo filling the counter baskets with fresh bread rolls. Maybe I should have one...? I came closer, inspiring Mr. Grappo to smile at me. Me, in just a very short dress without anything under it, but not in the mood to care. I wanted to say Hello, but then I saw the bread rolls... formed like penises. With balls on one end! My mind began to blur. A short, shy look into Grappos eyes and I walked my way without any farewell.

Next I came along a shop for TV sets. The one in the store window was running and my mind almost snapped. It was a porn movie. Filmed from the male perspective, showing the camera coming closer to the woman's face, who was obviously short to ecstasy. Whispering into the camera: "Yes, yes! You're my man!" The face was my girlfriends face. I ran away, just to find my next halt at the newspaper stand, where my view fell on the morning press with my lover in a big photo on page 1! It was a screenshot from the movie I just saw on TV. The headline above the photo said: "She's my man! She makes me so happy!"

'The world has gone crazy! Or is it me?' I thought. I was not crazy enough not to know that staying away from home wouldn't make me any less confused. Very slowly I returned to my apartment. I caught myself at one moment by putting my hand under the dress between my legs to find out if I had balls and a cock. But I hadn't.

Entering my apartment everything was the way I knew it! Yesterday's newspaper had yesterday's photo on it and it was not my girlfriend in it. I let my dress slip down to my ankles, the sneakers already left my feet at the door. I went to the mirror and watched myself from head to toe, then talked to my reflection: "You can't even understand how happy I am to see you! You're my woman!"

Coming from behind a pair of arms embraced me, a beloved scent filled my nose and I felt a kiss between my shoulder blades. A tender voice said: "Oh no, you're MY woman!" I turned around, wrapped my arms around my lovers neck and gave her a long and passionate kiss! "Say that again!" I said.

"You're MY woman!" was what I heard as an answer.

"Do you ever wish me to be a man?"

"No. Why do you ask? Do you have a strap-on hidden in your wardrobe?"

"Would you like if I had?"


I told her what happened. About her last words yesterday, about my confusion caused by them and about my crazy adventures this morning. All the while she let her pointing finger wander down from my neck to my nips and further beneath. The journey ended right between my lower lips, where she started to move her finger inside of me. "You really mean I want something else between your legs than this wonderful wet pussy? Let me show you how much I love it." She used her finger in my pussy to draw me back to bed, which was a perfect - and very pleasant - way to prevent me from showing any resistance. When I lay on my back on bed she came close to my ear and whispered: "I'll give you the best blowjob you ever had, stud!" Before she could sink her tongue between my lower lips I hit her cute ass with my pillow.

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