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Emily Poker. 🇺🇦

About you, briefly. How are you feeling now? Are you safe? (it is worth clarifying for the reader that you are in Ukraine, but you are at a place as peaceful around as possible)

It's better now, but it wasn't like that all the time. During the war, I felt a lot of terrible emotions that were extremely difficult for me to cope with. Now I do everything in order to hear myself, to create for myself comfortable emotional conditions in which I can help people. And I am successful in this.

I am relatively safe. On the first day of the war, I left for western Ukraine. It was sometimes scary here, because we are almost on the border with Belarus. This is fucking creepy. But nowhere in Ukraine is 100% safe. And that's the lesser of the evils.

I am very grateful that I had this opportunity. But I really want to go home to Kyiv.


Did you have the opportunity to go abroad? Why did you decide to stay?

Yes, in the first days I had the opportunity to leave Ukraine, but this is my home and I decided to stay here and be useful locally. In the early days it was scary and I wanted to leave, but I could not imagine that I would sit warming my ass under a peaceful sky while my country was suffering. Then I realized that I made the right decision, because by staying here and paying money to my country, for housing, food, medicine, I help the economy of my country. I do not blame those who left, this is also the right decision. But my decision was such and I do not regret it. I have secured myself as far as possible within the framework of Ukraine, and this is already good.


What has changed in your life during this time?

I have changed a lot from the inside. I found that in difficult situations, I can pull myself together and do everything to protect myself, loved ones and strangers. My whole life has changed. This made me stressed. I read the news all day, afraid to miss something important, I could not eat, sleep. Even at night I slept for two hours, then woke up and read the news. Stress and panic took me over so much that even sedatives did not help me. All the time I was like in a nightmare and dreamed of waking up.


How did the war in Ukraine affect your earnings?

Are you still posting at your OnlyFans?

Did you feel the support of the fans during the period when filming and publication had to be suspended?

In the early days, a lot of fans on OnlyFans unsubscribed from me, because I started writing about the war, and most likely they realized that it would not work to masturbate. But there are loyal fans, whom I love very much, appreciate and thank the universe for the fact that I am surrounded by such people. They didn’t leave me, some of them even gave me their last money (for which I scolded them), they didn’t ask for a photo, they asked me to hold on and support me as best they could. Thanks to this, I survived and was not left without money. By the way, they continue to do this today. (I remember everyone, and I have warm feelings and gratitude for everyone). So financially I didn't suffer. I keep posting to my Fansly account with the stuff from my archive now, because they do not take a percentage from a model from Ukraine, and give her 100% of donations and subscriptions. I also occasionally update ONLYFANS, but I no longer have warm feelings for it.


Are you currently filming new content?

No. I can't do it right now. I took a few selfies in the early days of my participation in teronlifans (#теронлифанс). But I can’t do it anymore, but I think that maybe I’ll return soon to new content, but it won’t be erotic, it will be something aesthetic, beautiful and cuddly

But then again, this will not be for the purpose of making money, but for the purpose of reminding myself that I am beautiful, that I am alive. Because for the last month and a half, I've been wearing the same clothes, I don't use makeup and I look like a mouse. And I feel the same way, so I need to bring myself back a little. Such personal therapy.


What is teronlifans(#теронлифанс) and how did you get there? Why did you decide to participate in this movement? What is the reason for your success story among dozens of the same girls?

Teronlifans is a charity movement where girls measure their nude photos for donations to the Ukrainian army and volunteer organizations. My friend attached me there, he connected me with one of the founders of this movement. I think the secret of success is that I made a tweet that scattered across the Ukrainian news publics and they found me by the hashtag and exchanged their donations for a photo. I decided to participate in this movement because I realized that I could be useful, it's almost what I did before the war. My passion. This is how I earned money, and now I have the opportunity to collect donations for our country. This is a big deal for me and I could not pass by.

Tell us more about who the people are who donated. You talked to them, were they all guys from Ukraine?

Donations came mainly by people from Ukraine. Some even donated from ZSU. This surprised me a lot. Some didn't even ask for a photo.

And the donations covered costs for necessary things from ammunition to medicine?

Yes, this is food, medicines, ammunition, animal shelters, elderly people, children, etc.


About plans:

Are you ready to continue working as a model after martial law ends and the situation stabilizes?

Will the attitude towards nude models in Ukraine change after such support actions?

About plans: I'm going to continue to earn money the same way as before the war. Maybe it will be a little different, I don't know yet.

I would really like the attitude towards nude models in Ukraine to change after such an action. I want all this to be legal and I could pay taxes in my country for my work. This will be very useful for Ukraine, because, as we have already noticed, beauty is a great power.


My observations:

Ukrainian female nude models made up a significant part and always held top positions among all models in the world. Fact. Ukrainian content creators have supported the Western erotica market for many years. Now the situation has changed, everything is mixed up, many models were forced to leave. A difficult stressful situation generally does not favor regular filming. How do you see it: What will be the future in this area?

About your observations: I think that this area changed long before the war, all the models got online or opened other personal platforms where they could earn good money. And the shooting was no longer as relevant as before. The more time goes by, the more fast modeling is gaining momentum, this is when you don’t need to get ready for shooting, negotiate, shoot, wait for results. And when you take a selfie and the fans are happy because they feel closer to you. I can't imagine what will happen next. Probably the same as before the war. Or maybe it will never be the same for some. I can only talk about myself.


What do you dream about? What are you missing now? (here I see everything/anything from food to sensations)

I dream that this whole war will be a long, terrible dream. I dream that russia does not exist. I wish that all the guilty will be punished. Oh, there are many more things I dream about.

I dream of being at home, and not having a rocket fly at me. I dream of a peaceful sky. I dream that I survived this war and was not subjected to violence. To keep all my family and friends alive. I dream of the freedom of our country, which we had, but they are trying to take it away from us. These are my dreams now. These are the biggest and most important desires. Everything else is such a trifle as it turned out ...


Which photo of yours should I add to the text?


Is there anything else you would like to say that I didn't ask? Do you have any wishes for people?

Yes. I just want the whole world to never forget what we have going on. To never be loyal to Russia again. So that the world would not just watch and groan and groan, but take action. Here people die a painful death NOT FOR WHAT. This is the real genocide. This cannot be forgiven, one cannot turn a blind eye to this, one cannot conduct a dialogue with blackmailers, terrorists, fascists. This nation must be punished until the end of their days. This is a crime against humanity. And just know that they will not stop in Ukraine, they will go further, to your house! They have always done this! And they will do it until the whole world stops them. Now Ukraine stands and defends Europe and the whole world. While NATO is being blackmailed by a psychopath, they brutally rape, kill, torture innocent children, women, old people, etc.

“It’s as if I’m standing among a bunch of people, I’m screaming, but no one can hear me,” this is how every Ukrainian feels now. In addition to all war crimes, yesterday Russia used chemical weapons in Mariupol against the military and civilians. Do you understand what is at stake? While everyone is silent, people die a painful death. While the whole world is watching and wishing us good luck, victory, etc. civilians are dying every day. I may be among them. It's good that I'm still alive and can talk to you. But as it turned out, it was just luck on my side. And tomorrow I may die. For you, this is history. But for me it's reality. I am grateful for every day that I am alive and able to do something. Just imagine, the fact that you woke up is not a given, but a great success. I hope you see and hear from me again. I embrace you and wish the whole world to be as brave as Ukraine. Trust me, you will still need it.

About EmilyPoker ⬇️

Emily is petite 26 yo model from Ukraine, she start her modelling career back in 2015. Worked as a model for big network adult sites. Now she is a selfemployer. Big friend of mine she is also a photographer for the Club site.

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