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Fan Fiction - A Big Bang Theory

He woke up in bed, happily, with her arms on his chest and her taste on his lips and on his tongue. She was a completely 'normal' woman, a little bit smaller than himself and he could lay her arms around her to show her that he cared about her. Everything was fine.

When he was a little boy he watched a movie with his father on television. "The Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman". A very old movie from the 50s and in a subliminal way much more naughty than other movies were from that time. It left him deeply impressed, but he couldn't explain it to himself. He was too young at that time. Giant spiders are much more frightening than a giant woman. Why was he so impressed by a giant human being? And why did he get the feeling that the same movie with a very tall man would have left him less impressed?

When he knew more about women from school, the biological and anatomic peculiarities, he watched the movie again. This time he got more of a hunch what exactly made him impressed about it. Everything, every little thing of this giant woman would be much bigger. It made him so excited that he felt a bit out of the ordinary with the fantasies coming up in his mind and so he never talked about it with anybody. But soon he found out that the world of art, movies and comic books, was full of very tall women! Superheroines seemed to be 80 inches tall and their costumes looked like body paint. In fact they looked naked. He could see their huge breasts and erected nips on any panel. The girls in school didn't even come close to that. When he was a teenager, while some of his friends already had girlfriends - a fact that made him feel more and more a bit like a left-over to become - he read that notorious Ant-Man comic book issue, where on the very first page Ant-Man came soaking wet up from between his wife's legs, implying that he just was - ant-sized - in her... you get the message? This first scene was highly discussed in fan-circles! Most fans wanted it censored. They said it's pervy. But he... he wasn't sure. But he knew that THIS perfectly fit into the mould of what his father started with a single movie when he was a kid. "Am I a perv?" was what he asked himself more than once in those days. "Do I live in a world where women are too small for me?"

And now he lay in bed with a woman. They had sex. All night long. Do you know the kind of sex you will never have enough of? Ever? They had THAT kind of sex. And now he couldn't sleep. She was everything he ever dreamed of, but in his wet fantasies he always imagined them being much... taller than him. She opened her eyes, her hand still rested on his chest. She moved it upwards, put it around his neck and kissed his nip, then closed her eyes again and said: "You are amazing. What you just did... mmmm. I never thought it could be so good." He turned around to her, put his arm around her waist, his hand on her bun and when his face sunk in her silken hair he could smell her scent, wonderful and peerless. In this moment she was the tallest woman he's ever seen.

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