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Fantasy and Imagination

The world of pure Nude Art is a world full of fantasy and imagination. Unlimited! Unrestricted. What happens in the minds of fans can only be inspired, but not controlled. The relationship between a photo set or movie and the viewer is an intimate relationship. Very likely sexualized. And it's individual. The fantasies induced by the photos may be similar, but in the end they have much to do with the personality of the viewer and personalities are unique! There are no two personalities in the world which are identical. Similar maybe, equal certainly, but not identical.

Of course the content creators, especially the models(!), have influence on what happens in our minds. A bed scene where a beautiful woman strips off her underwear is a very suggestive specification already. I think most of the viewers will imagine an intimate encounter of the model and themselves. That seemingly comes natural. But in your imagination it can also become a conversation of two people who are connected by a strong and intimate bond of love or at least affinity. Years ago I wrote a story about two people who don't know each other but find together after hard rain in a cabin and must get naked to dry their clothes. And so they sit naked on bed and get to know each other. Completely non-sexual. That was a pretty hot fantasy for me and the photo set which inspired me did not give away anything which stood against my imagination.

Let me repeat: your imagination is completely free by watching a Nude Art production. Even more than in any other art form! Comparable maybe with paintings, but still more extensive. Let me stay with the night on bed I told you about. Maybe you watch an outdoor scene next with the same model. Nobody forces you to imagine that scene outdoors! When you want to continue the conversation with the model on bed from the last scene, you just have to ignore the outdoor location and focus on the model only! You ARE unrestricted in your imagination.

Many things still depend on the creator. Milena has something in what she does which makes everything seem connected in a high degree. You can't have that on a huge multi-model site. The guests at Milena's site are friends! Right now the new Club has Milena, then often Emily Poker who also shoots many sets and there are two fantastic new and exclusive models LilBii and Dilara. There is something in the way Milena does things (and/or in the way I see her? Fantasy and imagination, remember?), that makes me imagine them as a family, a peer group, a creative combine. Do you have that, too?

Let's take a look at LilBii's debut at the Club. She is standing at a record player for Vinyls and holds one of it in her hand. This is a strong impulse given to our fantasy coming by watching the set. But it's just that: an impulse. It can be of help to you not to invent the same fantasy over and over again. Back to bed scenes: when you like to have conversations on bed with a beautiful nude woman, there might come a time after 100 bed scenes, where everything is said! Nobody can accuse you of anything bad, when in the 101st bed scene you imagine to have sex with that beautiful woman. But a woman interested in music and Vinyls, that opens up a completely new chapter of inspiration and topics. Maybe she's a singer? And maybe you ignore it and start another sex scene. Depending on how much Nude Art you consume. When you watch 50 sets per day, your need for conversations, your interest in the woman's personality may be higher than by watching one set per month!

To me everything at the Club seems connected. And when I watch Emily Poker in "Elf", the world of Milena Angel expands in front of my eyes substantially! The Elf in the photo set may look like Emily Poker, but she's an Elf. Obviously. And I can understand when the first thing you think is: "Oh, I never had sex with an Elf!" But I invite you to postpone this idea. Maybe the Elf has a story to tell. She will tell you that her people live in the forests. Or in their own dimension. Where they can take you to, when you're nice! "And most importantly," the Elf says, "I'm looking for a Milena Angel. Do you know her?" And you: "Oh wow! Yes, I know her very good! I'll take you to her!" "I will be very thankful!" the Elf replies. And you will be in the middle of a story that couldn't be more hot, erotic and attractive to follow. When you watch the new 'stories' at the Club and you see the backstage story of Milena and Emily Poker in front of the trailer (the set "Trailer" happens inside of it!), you're free to decide if she's the Elf or the 'real' Emily Poker! It might become demanding once you reached the set "Shibari". How does THAT one fit into the story? In the end you will see that the Club itself is a dimension of its own. Exciting, inspiring and deeply sensual. A feast for your imagination.

What happens in your minds stays in your minds. You are in control and nobody will ever judge you for living your fantasies! Still I invite you to let yourself be inspired by diversified and inspiring Nude Art! Make it a collaboration between what you get as an impulse in photo sets and movies and the richness of your own vision. Not even the sky is the limit. And when it even inspires you in the regard of improving your real life, to make it richer, to be able to BE yourself with less restrictions than you felt before, then Nude Art is the greatest art of all.

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