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Feeling Good

She arrived home after a day full of excitement. Shopping was the smallest part. She took care of some charity activities she was involved in. She met that nice man at her bank who organized her financial supports for several welfare institutions. Somewhere in the middle of their negotiations she asked herself if she not wanted to give this man more attention than she did. In more private regards. Now being at home she delayed that thought to a later time. The way he looked at her insured her that he wouldn't run away. He would still be there when she decided to let activity follow her thought. She would not do that today. And after all, men are a pleasure to have around, but they aren't easy. They need attention, admiration and have their heads full of strange ideas. They have different concepts of pleasure than she has.

She took off her deep red cardigan and immediately missed the soft fabric on her skin she enjoyed all day, but instantly the sensual feeling of her lingerie arose. Lingerie is the most fascinating kind of clothing. Under a shirt, a dress, a skirt or in pants it mostly feels like any other underwear. It nestles on her skin and doesn't make itself noticeable, apart from some single peculiarities. A string is a string and the one on her new red lingerie, a most subtle onesie, can't be ignored by any means. On the contrary it made her day. That's what it was there for. A final time she thought back at the man in the bank and then suppressed any further thought of him. Back to her lingerie. After undressing anything else, a finest lingerie reveals its true nature. Now it moves with every move of its owner. It breathes, it lives, it caresses a body. And the red one she bought yesterday and wore all day, now unveils that it was worth every penny. Her nips benefit the most from the soft fabric, but also her erogenous spots on her belly, caressed by the subtle straps. It's just that she wasn't in for arousal. Not yet. And so she put it off and sat down in her comfy seat.

While she let her fingers wander along the many sensitive spots on her body, she thought back over the last 2 years. Everything went right and she savored the delicious fruits of success. She had some ideas, executed them and it turned out that nobody else ever had similar ideas. All of a sudden she was the one. And only. And she finally realized that having money has nothing to do with feeling good! Instead she learned of herself that she always has been a person with the right attitude to know how feeling good goes. And now, when success was added to the mix, she could finally completely revel in all kinds and new kinds of feeling good. Not as a successful business woman, but as a person where feeling good is rooted deep inside of her. And maybe it is her ability to feel good, which gives her the freedom to have new ideas. Which lets her shine in company, which makes people look up to her and listen to her. Feeling good provides to see possibilities instead of obstacles. And possibilities give inspiration for new ideas and new ideas provide new ways of feeling good.

Her fingers all the while didn't find any obstacles themselves and instead discovered new possibilities to move along her luxurious body to make her feel well once again. She smiled. Feeling well is her gift. And again it's that handsome man in the bank who appeared in her mind unasked and actually unwanted. Is he really that unwanted? A few weeks ago she had ideas about a new art project, interesting but affording to travel for a while. She didn't travel for quite some time and it was overdue to catch up on traveling. And men... they can be a real bother in casual everyday life, but on journeys they are usually of good use for her. In her mind she made a check mark behind that idea. She would start to go into details tomorrow already. Or maybe after her hands finished to wander along her excited body, not looking for satisfaction. But most convenient, enduring pleasure.

(The story was inspired by Milena Angel in her stunning set "Malachite Gem" at the MilenaAngel.Club)

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