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Everything can be a fetish. But we use the word a bit too often. We all have sexual preferences and we have turn-ons. Most of them we just have. And some of them we choose. A fetish is a bit more... obsessive. And we can't control it. We can control our dealing with it. Fetishism even has an international number in the list of diseases! It's the number F65.0! For us eroticists this is ridiculous. Dealing with fetishes gives fetishists a sense of well-being. When fetishists are otherwisely psychically healthy people, they can very well live out their fetishes and he or her or anybody else will not suffer from it. On the contrary! No use for therapy. But it still is something, where talking about with lovers or friends doesn't come naturally. When talking about it is possible, when living it out is possible, it's an upgrade of your sexuality. It only needs treatment when a real psychic disorder adds to it! Never forget: we can not control what our fetishes are! But we ALWAYS can control how we deal with it! When you are a person who easily says "I can't control myself in this or that regard.", this is sufficient reason to think that there is more involved than just a fetish orientation! You might talk with a doctor about it! Seriously!

Let's go into detail. When you prefer black-haired women, and it is not necessarily smart to choose such a narrow preference, it's just that: a preference! You don't get completely excited everytime you go into a restaurant with your brunette girlfriend and 5 blackhaired women sit at other tables. Or do you? Also: when you say the female body is your fetish... that's a bit unlikely. Maybe you are just flirtatious with the fetish topic in itself. Somewhere early in your life you - hopefully - realize your sexual orientation. No matter if you are a woman or a man, you will start to feel attracted for women or men or both. That's a part of normal awareness of yourself. Calling it a fetish is in my opinion an exxageration. Back to topic: a fetish will not be chosen. It reveals itself to you and maybe you're the last one who realizes it! When everytime you have sex and you always turn to your lovers feet and lick her or his toes and you do it for half an hour everytime, you might not even think about it, but maybe your lover will ask you more sooner than later if you had your foot fetish for a longer time already. When everytime you strip off your lover's panties you put it to your nose and get a yay-feeling, you might think of yourself as a connoisseur, when in fact it's a fetish for panties and/or intimate scents. Don't worry, you might still be a connoisseur. And when you love to lick pussy, intense and with endurance, you might have her scent in your nose and hesitate to wash your face because you don't want to lose it. Those are fetishes you might not notice as fetishes at first, but they are and they define your sexuality! They aren't normal as in 'everybody has it'. They are an important part of you and that's in itself NOT a problem. You can talk about it with your lover and you should. She or he might be turned on by knowing your fetishes. She or he might be excited to satisfy them. And who knows what kind of fetishes your lover has in tow. But don't lose contact to your good sense of judgement. Some fetishes are difficult to communicate and some fetishes should be treated as an erotic fantasy and stay in your mind, maybe as a masturbation fantasy! That doesn't mean you have to keep it secret. But talking about it can mean that you need a good amount of empathic sensibility.

Let's turn to Erotic Art. It was one of my most exciting and fascinating experiences to get interested in Nude Art and to realize that here every imaginable fetish - as long as it can be visualized or expressed in any artful visual way - will be presented to you! Close-ups of socks (and Manga socks!), panties, feet, nips, pussies (of course), all kinds of most luxurious and/or playful lingerie, costumes like nurses, police women, secretaries, student uniforms, special interest categories like peeing, cuffs... and here we come back to the subconscious nature of fetish orientation. Maybe you see a Nude Art set and all of a sudden there rings a bell deep inside of you! You came to Nude Art for boobs and pussies, and the first panty flash scene with a model in a very short skirt, still completely dressed, knocks you out by just seeing an inch of her panties under the skirt. Maybe you did not know and expect it, but you just entered the world of panty fetishists. Much of it might be coined by innocent early childhood experiences. As a boy (6 years old!) I was at a friend's birthday party and his mother drove us all home in her car. It was a rich family. She had a Porsche and the back seats were narrow and occasional seats only. I sat right behind her for half an hour, very close to the back of her head. Her long hair was very elegantly tied to a bun and I watched ecstatically at this bun all the time, noticing every detail of how her hair behaved in that bun, smelling her expensive perfume and I didn't know anything about perfumes at that time. For me it was her exciting personal scent. I never thought about it afterwards, until as an adult I noticed my strong and intense interest in how women have their hair. I also noticed a huge interest in their smell. It's a funny episode and there will be many more which might have had a fetish-rising effect on every one of us. That's life! Be open for it! In Nude Art you will have made your own discoveries. Some of them exciting, for example lingerie! Many fabrics are so soft and they look like it! Stockings look great, too! It's a turn-on for me! Not necessarily a fetish attraction already. How about you? With a fetish for intimate scents you will be indirectly attracted by all kinds of clothes! It's an individual adventure in itself to come to Nude Art World and to sort it out! What is just a turn on for you and what attracts you in a fetish way? When you are honest with yourself and open for your own little secrets, you will have MANY surprises coming in your first year of Nude Art experiences. And it will never stop! Your complete list of fetishes just waits for the next new photo set or movie coming your way to find a new entry. It can seriously upgrade your life! Not only your sex life, but your complete way to feel and to enhance your everyday life! Awareness for your own needs is such a great thing! And discovering yourself as eroticist and having such a colorful and diversified place with all kinds of Erotic Art you can turn to for exploring your personal and individual sensuality... that's fantastic and we really should be so thankful for all the people who made that possible!

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