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She spent all day to sign new rules, talk to foreign ambassadors and settle fights of neighborly nature with farmers from the outskirts of her capitol. In the late afternoon she was by all rights exhausted and so she decided to do something, which was expected from her for a long time already. Three months ago she gave freedom to her favorite playmate from her seraglio and gifted him a small estate close to the border of the flanking country. Since then the other gents of her harem - and her ministers too - waited for her to make her choice. They all served her well in lonely nights, but only one of them was destined to serve her day and night. All the men just lived for the honor to satisfy her and many of them were truly blessed lovers, but only one should become her new confident. His duties were clearly defined. He must be a master of sexual services of all kinds and the Empress was not single tracked or limited in her sensual needs! He also must know to find the right way to please her in all the different moods she has after long days of making decisions. She already made a preliminary decision and had 3 of the boys in mind in particular.

Her harem's guardian was a woman she trusted more than anybody else. Traditionally she wore a chastity belt, but the Empress never had any doubts that this was just a formality. Last year they spent a whole week of nights together on a diplomatic journey and this week assured her that her harem's guardian was not a woman who endangered the monogamous approach of her playmates, their ambition to be perfect love mates for only one single female body, nor their deep love for the Empress. Her guardian was - as she knew since then - devoted exclusively to intimate games with other women. And the Empress enjoyed every second with her.

When both entered the balustrade above the main parlor of the seraglio, they were invisible for the boys downstairs. Only by chance - or fate - someone could discover the two women standing above them. So the Empress was able to see them unprepared. She witnessed intimacies between some of the boys. This was forbidden, but the Empress liked it. Boys practicing their oral skills while they weren't needed by herself could only strengthen their tongues and their flexibility. And she never told it to anybody, but she got horny by watching guys playing with each other. More than once she ordered two of the guys to her rooms over night. But this - on the other hand - disqualified them from becoming her confidants. Regrettably she saw downstairs two of her preliminary choices in close encounter. So it left her only one other boy to choose. That made her a bit indignant. She wanted to choose herself. Now there was only one of the boys left who met the requirements.

When she looked out for the third boy she had in mind, her eyes fell on a guy she already had forgotten. But he had discovered the Empress and her harem's guardian on the balustrade. And he didn't tell it to the other boys. He just looked up to her and in his eyes she discovered deepest love. He instantly impressed her. With his lonely, dark eyes and and a hopeful sparkling in his eyes he was a pretty turn-on for her. He was tender and slim in his body shape, but tall and of an attractive semi-masculine nature. The necklace of gems she gifted to all newcomers to her harem, reacted to his breathing and crossed over his nips every time he breathed in. The Empress became ecstatic by the view. She remembered how she met him on a marketplace in another town one day. He saw her and he couldn't turn his eyes from his Empress, which usually counts as indecent behavior. But this boy... he was so shy, but had such a deep politeness in his eyes that she walked to him and when he forgot to kiss the royal ring on her finger, just looked up to her eyes and tried to find words without stumbling, she was touched by him. She took her arms around him and he immediately fell for her hopelessly. She gave him the one night he would never forget in her rooms, in her bed, and she took him with her to grace her harem as a young newcomer.

"Bring this boy to the bath house, make him look good and smell pleasant for me!" Her guardian smiled at the Empress. "He's very smart!" she said. "He will know what you need, I'm sure. Night and day." The Empress smiled in return. "I think you are right. But I will put him to the test for a few days before I proclaim him officially." "As you wish, Empress." said the guardian.

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