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I Love Her From Head To Toe

Every relationship is different – sexually. When everything goes right and you have your eyes and mind open for your lover, your sexuality together will be different to any other before. When everything goes right you will discover needs and likes you never thought of before - together.

Before I met her I haven’t been a foot fetishist. And she wasn’t one, either. She was the one who felt very good in her body. No wonder. She is the most beautiful woman ever to be seen on this planet. Of course she feels good with her body. She loves to feel it by moving. When she sits down on the couch, she starts to move and to feel her body and feels fine. And when I enter the room the feeling infects me. I feel perfect when I watch her feeling well. My first impulse is to kiss her, coming into competition with my second impulse, not to disturb her activity.

One day it happened. She caressed her arms, felt her neck with her fingers, her legs stretched out on the table, only slightly moving her toes. It was my opportunity to kiss her without disturbing her and I kissed her foot. In the moment I did that something like electricity passed my body. Some sensation I never felt before, and so I kissed her other foot, too, maybe a third more intense than before. I sat down beside her and she looked into my eyes with a shy question mark in her eyes. She moved her legs from the table, leaned her back against the armchair and moved her feet to my face. “More!” she moaned, surprised about herself but obviously turned on by my kisses.

And so it began. I kissed her feet again. Her toes. I licked her feet between her toes. The sole of her feet. I caressed her feet with my fingers and I enjoyed every second. Moaning louder she also enjoyed it. From that moment on her feet became an essential part of our “casual sensuality”! I began to spend much attention on her feet. Her toes are so flexible. What she does with them is breathtaking. I just have to see it and I feel the taste of her marvelous feet on my lips and I feel the urge to intensify it. She knows and started to tease me with it. When she enters the room and I have a business phone call she sits down on the couch and starts to let her feet and toes make me wild. She smiles at me during my important business negotiations going on. When she is in VERY naughty mood she begins to finger her pussy, too. She loves to play with her own fingers at her pussy lips and inside of her pussy. She has that technique I tried to learn from her, but there are times when she’s only in the mood for her own style. For me it became a real fetish to lick her feet when she pulled her legs up and I was so very close to her pussy and see her fingers make her wet. I still can’t wait for her signal to taste her wetness, but the moments I wait for it have become so much more precious than before our foot game began.

In the end we got the feeling that we have sex all the time. Her feet are always an attraction to me. To us. When she reads the papers in the morning she always places her feet on the kitchen table. She always did that before. But it became something new and exciting now. When she makes phone calls, she started to make them long and enduring, but never without forgetting to place her feet somewhere where they are available for me. So am I a foot fetishist now? Of course not. I just love her. From head to toe.

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