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I Will Know You By Your Taste

"Mmm. You taste so good!" he said. "No woman I fell in love with ever tasted so good!"

She looked at him, satisfied, halfway in love, but halfway investigating his eyes. Curious.

"When I had to lick 100 women, I could find you among them, just by you being so delicious." he said.

"Yeah, you certainly would love to try THAT out." She laughed. But deep inside of her the idea did not lose her again.

When she called him to meet her at her home, her voice had a certain tone he didn't know on her, yet. He didn't remember their conversation two weeks back, when he uttered a naughty idea just like that. He didn't even get suspicious when she led him into her bedroom and six of her friends looked at him. Their sparkling eyes, filled with a dangerous degree of anticipation, should warn him, but he didn't even come close until she told him. And even when he had the feeling to get abused for a kind of amusement, he knew he could not shy away from their plan. For the rest of his life he would regret it, when he'd say no to it. There are things of a kind you just can't say no to.

"Only licking is allowed!" she said. "So we will tie your hands to the bed post. And I promised them, that you lick us all until we come!" The cuffs in her one hand, the blindfold in the other, a winning smile on her lips.

When the first woman who sat on his face started to moan, the others started to moan, too! He had no chance to recognize her by her voice. He knew they would do that every time. And he realized how many side impressions have an effect on the senses. Without his eyesight and his hearing he became irritated and lost a bit of his trust into his sense of taste. The second tasted so different from the first, that he became calm and confident again. The third one tasted similar to the first. When the first one wasn't his girlfriend, the third one wouldn't be either. 'I have everything under control' he thought. The problem began with the fourth. Her taste was crystal clear, like water, but deep water. This was not her. He knew that in a second. But it made him remember the two who tasted so similar. Was one of those two his girlfriend? Doubts appeared in his mind. Not one moment he forgot that this game was awesome. Not one moment he did NOT enjoy everything that happened. But still, he had to prove that he was able to recognize the one he loved. If not... if he decided wrong, it would have lasting consequences for them both. She would never forget it and he would feel embarrassed forever. The game was not quite as harmless as it was meant. But it was twice as naughty. The fourth one with the crystal clear taste started to convulse and 7 voices started to moan.

The whole thing was completely hot. That was her thought when her lover started to lick the fifth of her friends. And it was a bit crazy, too. This morning she was so excited. After breakfast she was afraid. When it started the 7 conspiraters all were amused and smiled at each other. In furtive companionship. But when things developed, they all were completely horny. What an arousing event it was. And a new feeling for him came up inside of her. She was proud of him. He did not falter. Bravely he used his tongue tireless and ambitious on every one of her friends. She completely forgot about the outcome and when she thought about the upcoming event this morning, she expected him not to recognize her! The women agreed beforehand of her being the sixth. He would have swallowed five tastes before hers. His mouth and tongue would be full of five different tastes, when she added hers to the mix. No way for him to recognize her. But if... when he really can do that... something inside of her wanted him to do it. Something inside of her knew that she would love him even more when he would make it. As wacky as it may be, but the whole situation had a meaning for her! It's not just plain and simple. It's not just doing it like that. It's not just fun. It had a meaning she didn't think about at first. But now she feels it.

She couldn't send her friends out when it was over. They all wanted to know the truth. So they all were in the room when she took away the blindfold. "I got you!" was the first thing he said. "We all got you, too!" she said and smiled at him. And then, in a sudden impulse, she kissed him. A very special kiss of a kind she would very likely never ever get again, if she didn't get it now. She made it a long kiss under the "Woah" cheers of her friends. 'One long kiss' she thought. 'One long kiss before I ask him for the number he chose for being me.'

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