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Is Lingerie Made For Stripping Off?

or: Do fans want lingerie to be stripped off?

Is it the stuff dreams are made of? Nylon and lace? In most pleasant colors? Seductive black, playful purple, innocent white? Let's start in real life. Lingerie looks awesome! It's pure sex! Sensuality. Seduction. What is it made for? Seduction? Or was it made to feel good for the person who wears it? Women in lingerie are a turn-on for men. So goes the legend. But most women I know take off their bras as soon as they return home! With a relieved sigh. Except for one all of my girlfriends I ever had think of lingerie as a sexualisation of women for men's delight and never even think about wearing lingerie. But the one... she loved nylon and lace on her body. She loved to wear stockings and pantyhose! No garter belts, though. But she loved smooth corsage, bodies, lacy gloves... she loved the feeling of the fabric on her skin and I loved the feeling of her legs in stockings on my skin. And - here it comes - there was absolutely no idea of stripping it off for having sex. WHEN she wore lingerie, it was a part of having sex. Not necessarily everything. A corsage, bustiers, bodies might fall down. Panties too. When it makes sense. Some areas of our bodies better be exposed in a heated encounter. When the woman I talk of was alone at home, she loved to wear stockings or pantyhose and other smooth things preferably when it was very soft fabric. So she did not only wear it to turn on men. She also wore it to feel sensually affected alone at home. So for this one woman I know lingerie made sense for her own feeling well.

Maybe the women I know are not representative. I know that Milena likes to put lingerie shoots she made in the 'Casual' category. Means: for her, lingerie is a part of everyday life. Her friend Nika once said in an Interview movie, that there is no unpleasant lingerie. So let me just assume that lingerie, when chosen well, gives a sensual feeling all through the day. Sounds good! And it looks good. A dream for women and men alike. But maybe only a hot and lustful fantasy for many. Erotic Art is about dreams and fantasies of the sensual kind. Erotic Art makes those dreams come true. That's why we're here and I know that women are here, too. So let us say right here, in the middle of an unbiased essay about lingerie: Yes, lingerie is totally hot! It looks fabulous and who wears it or comes otherwise into contact with it, feels good.

Erotic Art is full of lingerie. The fantasy is - my fantasy by watching photo sets and movies with models in lingerie is - that women wear lingerie for their own pleasure. Even when alone at home. Every move gives a caressing, every second is like getting spoiled. By her own subtle underwear. So for me a lingerie set is the ultimate fantasy of women feeling great. In a sensual way. Anything else doesn't make sense! She's alone. I'm not there. She doesn't wear it to turn me on! It's a solo set! So it must be, that she wears it for herself! (Men's logic.) When I imagine, when my fantasy is, to enter the set and being finally there myself, the original idea is still that she initially put it on for her own pleasure!

Here's an interesting, maybe a crucial point: in most sets and movies models strip out of their lingerie. In a very huge percentage of all lingerie sets the female bodies are completely naked in the end. Even stockings vanish! And often I miss the lingerie when it's gone. Sometimes I watch a set because the model looked so hot in that lingerie. And I have so many sets of full nudity with the same model. But at that occasion I chose to watch her in the lingerie. I love the scenes when she puts it off. I would rather more love to see her put it on! But when after the strip-off follow 20, 30 or 40 more pics without the lingerie, I miss it. It's not a problem, not a criticism, the set might be fantastic, but it's worth to think about it. The effect a photo set or movie has on us WHEN we chose to watch it for the lingerie, might be much stronger and lasting, when the lingerie stays on till the end. At least a few pieces of the ensemble. I'm sure that not only a few viewers think like that. Just look at the set "Custom" at the MilenaAngel.Club! It's a Custom shoot, ordered by a fan. See yourself what happens in it!

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