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Magic Lingerie Inc.

Stories like that never happen on Christmas! In the movies they always and only happen on Christmas. But not in real life. Here it happened at the beginning of January that I found a coupon in my post box! I did not get it as mail. No, I received it in my post box, a printed coupon for a new lingerie brand. "Great!" I thought and had a look in their online shop. I loved what I saw and the value of the coupon was big enough to go shopping big way. Only 2 days later I received a package. Hot stuff. Purple Manga socks, pink stockings, the softest bras I ever had and a number of panties, the finest one of them in a color I couldn't clearly define. Like a mix of candy colors. And when I reached out my hand to get it out of the box, it happened. Like a whiff of an electric tickling the fabric of the panty sent out a signal into my hand and I felt different than ever before. It was like the air being full of sweetest scents all of a sudden. A lovely melody filled my room and I heard birds singing beautiful songs.

The next days and weeks were terrific. I was in the middle of my exams at the college and I made it all with easy A's. The guys in my class treated me different. They observed me when they thought I couldn't see it. They knew that I was not interested in guys, but something made them watch anyway. It was the same with the girls. They also knew I wasn't interested in guys, which didn't seem to interest them before. But now they tried to be close to me. I talked to the most beautiful girls in my class, which never happened before and one of them brought me cookies to my desk every morning. I went to the cinema with her one evening and we kissed during the movie! And even when I wanted to go all the way with her at the first date, I stayed a decent woman and did not put her - or my - panties down before our 3rd date was over. The way she looked at my panties told me that she noticed the special quality of it. And it was this moment that I finally realized that my life became much brighter than it ever was before I had that particular panty. I put it to the test. I saw the excitement for my panties in the eyes of my new girlfriend and after it left my ankles I put it between my toes and with a kick I threw it at her. She grabbed it in flight and put it to her nose. "Mmm." she said. "It's so soft. I love it. And your sweet scent all over it."

It was tempting just to seduce her. But I really had strong feelings for her and so I told her all about that new brand "Magic Lingerie Inc." and my suspicions about something really magical going on there. So she ordered her own package and made sure to have one of the candy colored panties, too. Interestingly that one had no effect on her. Instead she felt the electric tickling by a pair of pink stockings! And the same happened to her afterwards: easy A's and all guys and girls became jealous on me, because I dated her.

Don't get it wrong! We didn't wear our silken talismans day and night now! The magic worked even with the enchanted lingerie in our drawers at home. But I must confess that I felt better when it was at least with me in my college bag. We both became steady customers of "Magic Lingerie Inc." but there was not any new item with the same abilities than our first ones. Until one day, early Summer, my panty was gone. It was not in my satchel anymore and on that day I got back a new test with a D minus! I was shocked and looked around in my class. And there he was: Dave. I always hated him. He was a pain in the ass. One of the guys who drills holes in the wall to the girl's wardrobe. And he smiled brightly at me, with a test result of A+ in his hand! He looked at me, obviously amused, sardonic, and I knew what happened. Somehow he got my panties.

We spent the afternoon at my home, in shock. What an insult, what a humiliation to know our secret revealed by this terrible person. My lover said, soothing: "I still have my stockings. I will have good fortune enough for both of us." I kissed her, when the doorbell rang. A new package arrived from "Magic Lingerie Inc.": it had a new magic panty in it and a postcard, which read: "Don't worry! Things can happen, but in the end everything's fine. I have a job offer for you! Good salary!" It was signed by "The Magic Fairy from Magic Lingerie Inc". My lover looked at me, happy, and said: "Wow! This is exactly what I wished to happen." "I love you." I replied and kissed her.

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