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Massage Therapy

Only once per month she finds the time for her massage. Her masseuse is an expert with her fingers and fingers have been since forever her prefered source of lustful feelings on her body. Fingers... and lips. She loves intimate kisses. And fingers all over her body. There wasn't any part of her body that didn't enjoy the feeling of fingertips. And small hands. Stronger, big hands... not so much. That's why she likes to be massaged by women. She doesn't do erotic massaging, though. In her sex life she's a very active person. She loves to touch and to kiss herself. To explore bodies. Detailed, extensive and thoroughly. When she gets her monthly massage, she wants to be all passive, receiving and bearing. This is not completely not sensual. It is an inspiring hour of insinuations, giving her new impulses for upcoming lustful hours with her companions. And it always is a journey into the past.

It all begins with a complete oiling of her body. She loves the scent of this particular oil. She chose it herself and it reminds her of certain areas of the world she visited in the past. Exotic journeys to the East, where she learned to love the exciting magic of hands and fingers, but she also learned to love women. Their empathy, how they understand to read the signs of her body. How they know what her body needs in every situation. They don't 'want' her body. They want to admire her body. To caress it. To make it one single spot of arousal. Today her masseuse is especially sensitive. When she oiled her buns, the masseuse noticed that she nestled her buns almost imperceptibly into her hands. And so she decided that today was a day to give her client's ass the attention she obviously needed. Without becoming too intimate. She loved the reliability of her masseuse. In her life she met only one person who wasn't that reliable. Sina was sensitive. She knew how far she was allowed to go. But she also was curious. And very giving. Sina made decisions to tempt the acceptance for intimacy. Not with her hands. When she had the feeling that touches down the cleavage of her buns wasn't allowed today, she came down with her lips and her tongue to prove her defiance. She never could resist Sina. She was an expert with her tongue.

A massage of her upper legs always is extra demanding. She doesn't like it being too softly. Soft caresses of the inside of her thighs... that is already having sex for her. Allowing fingers to be only inches away from her pussy are a clear invitation to allow them to go the rest of the way, too. In a massage session she is not interested in that. To resist the temptation she needs a stronger touch, a clear difference to sexual touches. She needs a real massage. Her masseuse knows it and gives her legs a tough treatment. Still she feels reminded of Loreline. She never could keep her hands still. When she licked her, she caressed her legs with her full hands and it wasn't in the least absonant together. That's why Loreline loved her to sit on her face in reversed cowgirl position. That gave her legs the right position to be touched by her hands. She loves to remember Loreline. She was a very obedient woman, but not in a submissive way. She just wanted to be very good and she always asked the right questions, so that she could show her the right way to satisfy her. Loreline wanted to be remembered and that goal she definitely reached.

Jane, a real Lady with a posture to be untouchable in society, but an excellent and sophisticated seductress in bed, also knew to spoil her thighs. But she used her fingertips, sometimes her fingernails only, causing a tickling that made her crazy. The only way to react on Jane's teasing challenges was to vanquish her. She could handle the tickling on her thighs until it made her juices found the way out from between her pussy lips. But as soon as one drop poured down her legs right towards Jane's fingers, one drop that increased the tickling beyond any measure, she felt the urge to subdue Jane, making HER body her toy instead of allowing her to continue her meticulous analysis of her own lechery. Until today she can't explain what in Jane's personality caused this urge in herself to dominate her. Maybe it was Jane herself. Maybe she wanted the Lady in her to be licked and fingered out of her body?

When her masseuse reaches out to her feet and begins to examine her toes, she remembers that she never felt the need to be dominated by any lover herself. It seems that any person she ever met had that desire towards her. But never herself towards others. She smiles. It seems she always found the right company. Maybe she decides to visit Sara this evening. Last time they met she already felt a hint that Sara might have a hidden foot fetish she never let out. Together with her oral fixation the evening might get a kinky note. A feeling of anticipation gives her smile a certain subtext of subtlety.

"I hope the hour was to your pleasure, Mylady?" my masseuse asked when she walked with me to the exit door.

"You always give me what I need to go inspired through my next days. Same time next month?"

"Very well, Mylady."

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