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Movies Have Scenes, Photo Sets Have Moments

Movies and photo sets are completely different things. Every art expert and also every media experienced psychologist knows it. Very important is to know that movies are traditional creations in all kinds of art forms, while photo sets are THE unique expression of Erotic Art in the internet. Photo sets are what makes Erotic Art in the internet an art form of its own, they define its unique character as art!

Still, all paysites work with both. Photo sets are much higher in number than movies, but there is a relation between both. Let's have a look at the many forms of coherences.

  1. At first they have a life next to each other as different forms of expression. Creatives, models and photographers alike, plan a shoot and in their vision about it they choose movie or photo set as the proper form of the result, or that's what they should do. Photos and movies have a completely different focus! They tell different things about the models for example. Photos focus on single frozen moments. Let's imagine two photos: a model stands at a window and looks out. We see her back. We focus on the details of her body as long as the photo is given. The beauty of her neckline, the shadows on her back, the perfect shape of her buns and the tempting shadowline between them. In the second photo she turned her head and looks at us. Her eyes, her face, her mood, her beauty find our attention now, because that is what's different to the first photo! In our mind rises the expectation that she will turn around completely now and that we see her from the front side in the next photo! But we can't know! We don't see the play of her muscles which give us hints of what happens next! It can be something completely different! She might open the window and jump out, leaving us alone in the room! We must stay flexible with our expectations! It's different in movies! The turning around of her head happened between the photos. We have it in mind from our knowledge about cause and effect, but we did not see it! A movie makes this turning around of her head visible! Makes it the important moment of tension in the scene! The shadows on her back, which became our objects of excited meditation within the moment in the photo, become secondary in a movie, because it is not within OUR control how long we can watch them. They might be visible for just a split second in the movie! Instead it's the way she turns around her head which is important! The thing completely out of focus in the photos. Is she shy, self-assured, surprised, horny? Do we feel invited by her? Is it a turning of her head full of grace and elegance? Or is it light and vivid? In a photo set we can watch details of a body for 10, 20 seconds. In a movie those details are gone in only split seconds. Movies give us motion. Photos are moments, movies are scenes. Both hot, but completely different ways of talking to the audience! The artful creativity gives us some shoots as movies, others as photo sets, depending on the vision of the artists.

  2. Photo sets and movies becoming connected begins with movie stills! Movie teaser sets. The photo sets consist of real stills, they can be discovered in the movies and they are of the same quality (resolution) the movies are. When the stills are chosen VERY well, these sets can be a real alternative to watching the movies! But they always lack of the ingenuity a real photo set has. Naturally, because they were not shot with the unique expertise of a photo set. Look at what I wrote in point 1! The soul of movie teaser sets focuses on scenes, not moments! They are not created as a photo set! The stills are bodies in motion, but stopped! Yes, real photo sets also have great moments frozen in a movement. But they were shot to be a frozen moment. Movie stills can rarely compete with professional photo sets in quality and meaning! A site which has only movie teaser sets will always be a lesser site than sites with sophisticated and Hi(ghest)Res photo sets.

  3. Common appearance of photo sets and movies of the same shoot (accompanying each other) have become much more often than 10 years ago! In the early years of the 10s movies were much more often stand alone movies without any photo set by its side! The same with photo sets! (As stated in point 1) I think there is no artful need for a combination! Making a photo set and a movie in the same shoot seems to me being a business decision. More releases, less time and money. Artists and sites know about the lack of quality of movie teaser sets. So they produce FullHD or up to 6K movies now and HIRes photo sets parallel to each other. I'm not sure how it works. Do they need 2 photographers? Can one photographer handle it? I'm not sure, but often I think they shoot them one after the other! I've seen photo sets of models coming into a room, sitting down on a sofa, stripping off and posing. But the photo sets are real photo sets, no movie teaser sets! They follow the narrative rules of a photo set and the single pics are no movie stills! In the movie the model enters the room again, sits down on a sofa, strips off and does NOT pose, but starts masturbating instead! So both, movies and photo sets, have unique elements. They belong together as two visions of a shoot. With different storyline or focus. Interesting!

  4. Very new, and I only witnessed it on two sites yet, is the idea to have the photo set as part 1 of the shoot, and the movies work as the continuation! That's of course a great idea to give us both kinds of things we can learn about and see from a model. The photo set shows us her body, detailed and preferedly in very slow slideshows, gives us also intense insight in her character by watching her face, mood and poses in frozen moments, a thing we can NEVER have in real life in that intensity! The movie shows the same model in the same scenery how she moves, behaves in continuing situations, which are more fleeting in terms of body celebration, but more intensely giving us an impression about the model in motion. The play of her muscles in the same way as her mimic expressions by doing something, the little 'tics' in her face which reveal her real mood which no single photo can catch. I can only hope they don't use this approach for masturbation scenes over and over. Right now it seems like that. The photo sets I saw in this manner were presentation of the model and celebration of her beauty, the continuation in the movie was spread legs, fingering and masturbation. It's a bit sad, because this is not working out this idea to its full potential. But it's not too late for it.

So far my outline of the existing connections and interactions between movies and photo sets in Erotic Art! But art is always vivid. Things can develop and the sky is not the limit. Still, my ardent plea: discover photo sets as independent, autonomous artful expressions. You can get them nowhere else! They give you a completely different way to perceive eroticism. Appreciate them, watch them from beginning to the end, in a very slow slideshow! It will illuminate you! It will give you the true sensations of Nude Art!

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