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My Night Between Her Thighs

It was the split second when I fell into sleep that my arm slipped down my body and to the sheets. Just that my hand didn't really come to rest on the sheets. My hand fell right on her upper thigh! Completely incidental. I was immediately wide awake again. But she was even faster and used the opportunity decidedly and to my surprise very quick-witted to her own... pleasure. She realized what happened and used the opportunity to hold my hand as her captive! She put her other leg right on my hand, so that I was unable to remove it between both her thighs without revealing that I was not fallen into sleep. That I perceived everything which was going on here.

We've been on a hiking trip all day, reached the cabin in the woods we rented and after a short snack we went to bed. Exhausted. Tired. Since we are strictly platonic and not a love item, we slept in one bed next to each other, even naked, but not 'in touch'! Or so it was intended. But at the moment I was very much 'in touch'. It couldn't even be more intimate. Thing is, that she thought I was asleep and she was willing to take advantage of the incidental hand between her legs. I was very well aware that SHE was NOT asleep. While I was NOT willing to admit that I was awake. I couldn't even decide if this was heaven or not, so I did what seemed right at this moment: I did nothing.

It wasn't easy not to do anything. My hand was so high up her legs, that my thumb felt her pussy lips! And the moment I got aware of it, a prickle reached my thumb! Caused by her pussy lips becoming warmer. They even swelled a bit. And while a few drops of sweat came up on my forehead, her lower lips began to feel moist, too. She obviously not only enjoyed it. She loved it! And began very slowly to control it! Not by moving. She began to strain and to relax her muscles. I didn't even notice it at first, but she began to move my fingers very slowly and very surely along her pussy lips, just by straining and easing the muscles of her lower body with my thumb almost wrapped between her lips. Soon the first line of sweet liquor oozed down my hand. Tickling the gaps between my fingers. I didn't move my hand a bit. I was a shy rabbit. She instead 'moved' her pussy along my hand, bit by bit drawing her clit closer to my thumb with her perfect strain and relax method, until the tip of my finger felt her swollen, little ball. Her pussy lips were effectively wet now and she pressed her clit against the tip of my thumb. She obviously did not have any doubts that I was not aware of what happened. The moment was coming nearer when her effort would give her what she was aiming for.

She didn't cry out loud! I heard her stop breathing when her wetness flowed in showers over my fingers and I stopped breathing, too. But she didn't twitch. At least not very strongly. But my thumb could clearly feel it. She stayed completely calm and in control. And when I started to breath and to think again, I heard her consistent breathing and knew that she was asleep now. Peaceful, at ease and obviously deeply satisfied. But she didn't let my hand out of the grip of her upper thighs. So I let it stay where it was. My last thought before I fell asleep myself was for the nature of our breakfast tomorrow. What would that be like?

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