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Non-Nude Ecstasy

"I didn't just come to watch the movie!" she said when the credits were halfway over on the screen in my living room. I looked into her eyes and saw a glimpse of concern about my possible answer and in the next split of a second she let me know that she would not give me the time to speak it out loud. Instead she moved her face to mine and kissed me. Her left arm reached down my spine and found its way between the sofa and my ass and gave a tight grip to the latter.

Her kiss was demanding and so was my reply. We never talked about having sex, but we obviously wanted it both so much that tonight we didn't give it a chance to end differently. I felt her fingers pressing my bun under my Jeans and it felt so determined that I lost all modesty. I saw her nips erected under her T-Shirt and I laid my hand on her waist and led it slowly upwards and started to massage her left breast, with a tip of one finger on her nip, which got even harder right that second.

Our kiss was so sweet. The taste of her wet tongue in my mouth was outrunning every dream I ever had of her and her sighs showed me that pleasure was on her side too. Slowly we sank down on the full length of the sofa. Our hands now found their way to their preferred objects of attention. I spread my legs and she placed her right hand right between them. Mine already slipped down between her legs. Her tight Jeans made it simple to imagine her legs naked, but I never forgot it was a denim fabric under my fingers when I placed my hand right in the middle between her upper thighs. A very short, loud shout followed. Maybe she didn't expect that, maybe she did. Or maybe she had no panties on and my touch was far more effective than I intended it to be. Her cry only shortly interrupted our kiss. The next moment she returned to my lips and we kissed again as if it would help us not to drown in both our desires.

I felt her hand between my legs when I started to let my finger slide along her crotch. I used different degrees of pressure, always attentive towards her reaction. Which degree of pressure would make her excitement become ecstatic? For a second she interrupted our kiss again and whirled her head around, let it sink down on my neck, losing a drop of saliva running down into my shirt, caressing me. My own physical reaction on her hand between my legs made her look into my eyes for a moment and I saw her pure lust for me. A tighter grip made me kiss her again. The kiss became the golden thread of what we did. I had a clear feeling that becoming naked would destroy the moment. I have never felt that coveted, so examined and appreciated before. And I would have never expected that I could have such an impact on a woman by caressing her Jeans.

Even when one of each our hands became grounded between each others legs, the other hands studied each our bodies. Wild, desirous, hungry and destined for exploration. Maybe it was an hour, maybe less, maybe more, but then my finger had spotted the right inch of her Jeans once too often, once too determined and she cried out loud, intensely and lasting. Both her hands left my body and she clasped her hands behind her head, still shouting under the spell of eruptions running through her body. I could feel inside of me what she felt. A few seconds more and it would have been me, crying and shouting.

She closed her eyes for a very long time, then opened them and looked at me. "I love you!" she said. "But I didn't expect it to be so... severe. I'm confused. But very happy, too." She stood up from the sofa, bow down to my face and kissed me. "I must digest it. Sleep... about it. Are you mad at me, when I go now? I'll be back tomorrow and we could get undressed then."

How could I be mad at her? I just had the most intense first time I ever had with a most beautiful woman. I kissed her. She went to the door and turned around another time before she went out. I closed my eyes, bathing in her scent I had all over me.

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