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Nude Art By Numbers

When big Nude Art sites publish 1 set per day at least, they don't have the time to think about what exactly they want to show! They think about publishing 1 set or more per day! Those sets have to be shot, processed, bought and scheduled. They produce their content for the people I talked about in an earlier text, the people who want to see nude bodies at the end of the day, no matter who the models are or what outfits they strip off. And I can't talk about ALL photographers, but I know for sure that there are those who shoot 10 sets per day or 20 sets per weekend! In highest quality. And there's nothing wrong about it. Yay! 30 to 120 sets or more each month with 30 to 120 models, more than 20 of them debutants. Shot by about 30 or more regular photographers, who shoot enough content to sell it to up to 10 other sites. Wow! Erotic Art is not only a business, it's an industry. The people who just want to have a nude body at the end of the day are happy. They get what they need and depending on the site(s) they subscribed to, they can even choose one of many models every day to celebrate their beauty. Life is good.

Staying with numbers, life is good for collectors, too! When I collect Model A and Photographer B shoots 50 sets with her and sells them to 10 sites, each of them publishing 1 set of a model per month, I will have 50 sets of that model in 5 months. And when the model is very beautiful and a great performer, she becomes famous and asked for, so 10 photographers will shoot 50 sets with her each and sell them to 20 sites. Before I can even understand my greatest luck, I have a collection of 500 sets of one model collected in 2 years from 20 sites! Life became even better.

(Even when at the end of year 2 the sets are already two years old! What exactly did the model do in those 2 years? Is she still active? Where is she now? Who is she now?)

Those 500 sets will have recurring topics and locations, but they will always look great and the model will be of reliably good mood, full of smiles and happiness. She's very professional. Life is perfect!

(The model will have to make some breaks during shoots to make pics of herself and publish them at her OnlyFans, because after shooting the 500 sets with 10 different photographers she will have no further bookings for two years and she must make a living with something. But well, the photographer is very professional too. He adapted to it, accepts the breaks and thinks about the money he will earn with his shoots!)

Before and between the shoots the photographer adjusts, renews and prepares his or her equipment, the model is keeping herself fit, beautiful and flexible. The shoots itself must stay within an estimated time schedule. It's crafts(wo)manship. In between shooting 500 sets there was not a single moment anybody thought about WHAT exactly they want to show! Which message inspires the 'artists'? The fans... THEY will know. They will imagine everything they need to love their Nude Art themselves. Nude Art is about fantasy! They imagine and the creatives don't need to care. Perfect labor division. The fan becomes an important part of the creative process! The fan adds the art to the mass production.

Irony aside now! There definitely are creatives who work independently from the industry, who think about what they do and what they want to show! But they will not make 500 shoots in 10 weeks! Maybe in 10 years. Or at least in 5. But every set and movie will be a creation of a single moment! It will depend on the mood the artist has in this particular point in time! There will be development to be witnessed! Like a good book needs the first pages to understand the following, the first chapters to explore the topic and every following chapters to unfold the story, the Nude Art portfolio of a model is a reflection of the life of the creator! With all the diversity and developments and changes happening in life! When a model starts to model in January and experiences something magical and wonderful in June, she wants to tell us about it in July by a brand new photo set or movie! A movie she made in February will not help her to share her current mood with her fans. Erotic Art as a reflection on life and life style! To be recognized by the fans who have their own lives and recognize the one mood in that one particular set as something they experienced themselves! Instead of 500 sets and movies representing the model in the Summer months of 4 years ago, with a defined and designed mood and that one smile of happiness, instead of that you get sets and movies which represent the life of the model last week! And you can connect to that! Go into relation, comment to the model in her current phase of her working life.

You will never get THAT on the big Nude Art sites! But there is a chance that you get it on independent sites! Sites which work with a much smaller group of models or even solo sites, with creatives who are ambitious and inspired. Where all participants take their time to think about what they want to tell you about eroticism, about their own dreams and fantasies. They take their time to satisfy their curiosity about their fans' dreams and fantasies. You will not get your 'nude body of the evening' here, but maybe every week. And since production process needs time, a new set might even come late. But the result will be individual, unique, precious and new.

The price might seem to be higher! One release at the big sites costs cents only! It's true! 1 set at a major site costs 60 Cents or even less! On an independent site with 4 updates per month, a set costs 4 to 7 Dollars! But the 60 Cent set is of a kind you already have seen hundreds of times before! And don't get it wrong: on a major site they don't let you pay just 60 Cents for the sets you want! They make you pay EVERY set they publish, no matter if you look at them, collect them, or how old they are! The 4 to 7 Dollar set on an independent, ambitious site is made with effort, thinking, love and in a setting that mirrors the model's shooting plans at the moment of shooting! It would have been completely different if she made it at another time! It's a gem, not a pebble. Art full of expertise instead of crafts(wo)manship.

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