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Nude Art Fans and Time

Who are we, us fans of Nude Art and why is time important to say something about us? Let's start with an example which might not be too unlikely. There is a man who drives to work or school with a colleague every day in his car. And every day he prepares for the ride by giving "nudes" in his search engine and choosing one of the results as the "nude of the day" he shows to his friend. And both go giggling about it. Those two guys are completely irrelevant for Nude Art biz and for the income of the creatives.

Maybe one of those two guys starts to become more interested. Every person who writes "nudes" into his search engine might find the same pictures. Sometimes cropped or altered in other ways. Maybe one of those guys wants more exclusive pictures and joins a multi-model site to find a better quality for his "nude of the day". He's not interested in a certain model. He's just interested in single nudes. And his friend, the other day, says: "Wow! Your pictures got better!" And the one is happy and proud. So he stays with the multi-model site and he starts to get a more sophisticated look at the 100 thousands of nudes on that site. He spends much more time with that site than he ever spent with his search engine. And he pays a monthly fee for it. Somewhere on this path Nude Art develops from being a habit to becoming a hobby!

There are guys who spend one or two evenings per month by watching Erotic Art. Others make it every evening. And some of us are here all day. Every day. It's our main hobby! The more time we spend here, the more we professionalize ourselves. Random searches for nudes is a boring thing when you do it all day! But looking for the best, the great content, roaming the different pay sites for it, that will need your time. And money! And here we become a part of biz! Time is money and money produces content! When you don't love Milena Angel, only look out for pics with her on search engines, you are of no need for her or any other model! But when you pay for it by joining her site, she has what she needs to make more and better sets and movies! And when you comment on her sets and movies, she knows what you like and that way you have influence on what she does! You don't control it, but you influence it! By spending your time on her site! It's her job to make her site something you can - and want to - spend your time on!

Back to the multi-model sites: they have 100, 200 active models, most of them featured once per month. When you just want nudes, no matter the models' hair color, body shape or other features, you will be happy here. But when you have preferences, when you only like 4 or 5 of the models, the thing you will do most of the time is... waiting. When you just have 1 model you really love, the following happens: on the day her monthly set gets published, you are happy! But now you know you have to wait 4 weeks for the next. And in this 4 weeks you will think several times if you really want to pay every month for this model's one set! You could also join only once per year and get her latest 12 sets for the price of one month only! Site runners know: when everybody thinks like that, they can't keep up their quality! And quantity! Not enough money! People don't spend enough time on their sites!

The same on solo sites! As a fan of model A you are happy that she runs her own site! But when she updates it only once per month, you start to question your permanent membership on her site 4 weeks long. You must love her very much to stay with her, when she doesn't keep you busy! Here we must change the perspective: what can, what MUST site runners do? They must keep you busy! Multi-model sites have to find as many models who are similar to your 'one and only' model to keep you attracted! Solo sites must have a good art and business concept. And reflect on it between updates. No site can give you permanent updates to keep you busy! So sites must manage to keep you thinking about them!

One of my favorite annoyances in biz is the splitting of sets into several (2-4) pieces. This is a wrong idea to increase the number of updates! The people who decide to spend more time with Nude Art, who leave their search engines and pay money to join sites, they are of highest value to sites! The more time they spend here, the more they know about it all, the more they want quality! They want an equivalent to the time and money they spend. But that way they feel fooled! Regrettably being fooled is my major feeling by visiting sites in the 20s. And it seems to me that people start spending less time on sites, less money and the quality already goes down the hill.

Fans don't think with their cocks or pussies. They can get nudes for free! See above: search engines! Us fans, we think in time! When Nude Art is a 5 minute distraction in the evenings the value is comparably small! But when it becomes a real activity, the value increases. "Wow! In the new set she does a great performance! Was she always that good? I must look through her previous sets!" "Woah, that backstage movie is interesting. I must watch the set again." When Nude Art keeps us busy, takes our time, we're happy!

Epilogue: the new MilenaAngel.Club is not even 2 months open and it's already my Top 1 site of all! And this is NOT ONLY because I love what Milena does for a very long time already. It's because she makes me spend time on her site! She keeps me busy! I'm there every day to see what happened! Being a member on her site makes me feel like a part of her family. The number of updates is fantastic! One reliable update per week, but that was only so in one week! In fact we get up to 3 releases, two of them scheduled, another one as an optional surprise release. She makes spontaneous decisions. Since forever she has great fans! They comment on her releases. There's a chat function for contacting Milena (YAY!) and there's even a group chat function for fans to discuss general things (YAY! Could be more frequented, though.)! She has a clear language of her art! The releases are very different, but in a way I can not define, everything seems connected! It's great to watch her sets and movies several times to find all the cross connections. Accompanied by backstage movies, which add even more aspects to my studies of her work. It's a world on its own. It's not comparable with any other site! That one's personal: she works with my second favorite model Emily Poker, who appears in sets and movies and also shoots many sets of Milena, but also of two of the most interesting newcomers I've seen all year, Lilbii and Dilara! I can't wait to know them better. Her site is the only site who gives us great VR movies, regularly! In the new "Story" section you get sneak peaks into what Milena does and what is coming to the Club in the future. There is a blog like no other with two highly sophisticated texts every week (yep, self-praise here, sorry!), inviting you to get a closer look at everything connected to the world you spend your time in. If I wouldn't write those texts, I would surely read them.

You can spend much time at the Club! And that is a major issue for those fans who pay money to pay sites! Here it comes together: you pay money to spend time with Nude Art and you have a site with a beautiful and legendary model on the top of the peak of Nude Art who knows how to keep you busy. Actually a site like the Club, someone like Milena, is why I'm here for so long. It's all about time!

Where do YOU spend your time and when it's not the Club, are you happy there? Please register and comment! I'm SO curious.

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