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One Year, It Passes Over

Farewell 2021. Only a few hours to go and the year is gone. New Year's eve was always my favorite time of the year. Full of hopes, wishes, optimism and the outgoing year was, no matter how it really was, waved goodbye with conciliable thoughts. This changed a bit due to many uncertainties we live in right now. There are still hopes, but the optimism is gone. But at least in regards of the most beautiful and sensual form of arts there are many positive vibes and developments.

My personal important thing to report about 2021 is of course the opening of the new MilenaAngel.Club and the accompanying blog section! Writing for Milena Angel was always a great honor and big joy for me. Milena's new concept for the new blog gives me even more possibilities to express my thinking. I remember when I wrote for Alex Lynn first and Milena asked me to also write for her, I told Alex Lynn that I want to do it, because "hey, I can't say no to Milena Angel!" and he completely understood what I mean! Alex Lynn was one of THE names at that time, but he had the insight to accept that Milena is several steps above on the stairwell of great creativity. So it was one of my happiest moments ever when she asked me to keep writing for her at the new Club, too. And so I'm still and again exclusive writer for her. I tried out different masters in the last years, but she's the one - and only.

At the end of 2021, after only 2 months since opening, the new MilenaAngel.Club is again a trademark of its own. Milena doesn't swim with the main stream (pun intended). She's her own river and even when she reminds us of the main stream in single regards, out of a deep respect towards the precious traditions of Erotic Art, it's completely obvious that something is different by the way she handles things. She surprises us with moods, choice of models and photographers, perspectives and in the variation of her content. It's not content as we get it on any other site, just different by being connected to Milena Angel. The new Club is personal and we get amazing sets and movies produced by Milena Angel as we will NOT get it on any other site, with a new and fresh look. That makes the Club my personal bearer of hope not only for the next year.

The rest of Nude Art World is - still - on a search for new concepts and identities. The creativity of models who can discover and define their own styles on OnlyFans accounts, at their own sites and other content providing platforms, often exclusively (they aren't working for regular sites anymore!), looks more fresh, more spontaneous, more fun and more hot! Individual Nude Art turned out as more colorful and exciting than standardized Nude Art on regular paysites, even with their high end quality. That's what makes the new generation of solo sites more fascinating and worthwhile to spend our times with them. My guess is, that new impulses for the whole of Nude Art will come from that direction. They already do.

All the while I see hints that the regular sites see the sign of the times and work on their diversity. I've seen a fire dancer set on a site known for giving us the established forms of Erotic Art over and over. I don't think they will make it a new direction, but it shows that people start to think about creativity off the beaten tracks. That's great. On the other hand they start to re-publish lost content from closed sites. I heard complains about the tendency to publish old stuff, but I also see that people are happy when it becomes available again. I think that for the acceptance of eroticism as art form it is important to let classic content not simply vanish. Nude Art is very precious and deserves to be respected AND to be held available. There is much lost content worth to be re-discovered in the coming years.

So especially models this year grabbed the given opportunities of re-establishing the freedom of art in eroticism by realizing their own visions, Milena Angel in my opinion at the lead with what she does. The traditional sites also started to open their eyes for the things going on here, even when I think that their business structure makes them a bit inert for creative changes in the advised velocity, but that will be seen. All in all, in my personal opinion, this year turned out to be the right step into what hopefully become the Golden 20s. And for the smaller and bigger gifts of being a part of it I will be forever happy, proud and thankful. And it's not over yet.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and may happiness and excitement be always with you. And if not, you know where I would lead you to find it.

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