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Online Erotic Art in the 20s - A Preliminary Summary

Ten years ago the world of Nude Art paysites was pretty easy. With FullHD movies and HiRes photo sets the quality was on a never before imaginable high. Nude Art World was ruled by a handful of very famous sites and networks and next to them survived a proper number of established and traditional smaller sites or niche sites (for fetishes from 'very young' to 'peeing'). The first-mentioned sites defined what's good. They even built standards to define quality. Creatives who wanted to call themselves professionals just had to follow the standards to get the badge. Those standards not only provided high quality! They also defined the payment and working rules. All models worked with a number of photographers who actually all worked for those sites and for fans it was pretty easy to go from site to site in a rotation system and collect a representative Nude Art collection with complete collections of their favorite models. Opening up a new site was a crazy plan. It was next to impossible to survive in competition to the established sites. I can't give you any name of a site that opened up between 2010 and 2015 and survived the experiment.

Excursion: the situation in Porn World was a bit more over the top. More, faster, louder, shriller. And even more network-y.

Excursion: quality standards and mass production together had a negative side effect: our 'representative collection' is full of VERY similar scenes, covers only a small selection of moods! And they produce the same scenes over and over still today.

All over the years there were models (and photographers too) who were very interested in creative processes, but had to submit to standards of quality which were not their own. They had ideas in their minds and couldn't realize them. They wanted to make a living by creating Erotic Art but they wanted to do it by their own parameters of creation. Today - due to an astonishing line of events, which I don't want to describe here in full and which was very much able to rattle the columns of Online Erotic Art to its core - models are able and inspired to create their own erotic sets and movies according to their own visions and quality parameters and to publish them on new site platforms, or at OnlyFans, Patreon and similar facilities. In complete difference to the situation 10 years before, they don't follow a normative book of standards. What they do is inventive, independent and most of all individual! That way they do, what nobody has done 10 years ago: following their own, individual art concepts. (Well, Milena has done it since forever, but Milena is a pioneer in many regards! She is the only model I can mention who gave every single set a completely unique vibe. Not only by styles, but also by performing in a unique way for every set, fitting to the particular styling. Which has the effect that many of her fans can call the name of the set by seeing a single photo of it.)

The Cons: when 10 years ago a handful of sites wanted to be paid, now hundreds of sites want to get paid. And thousands of OnlyFans and Patreon accounts. Above that: some 'creatives' just want your money! And they believe that you have plenty of it in your pockets! I've seen Patreon tiers where you get a single photo set per month for 500 Dollars! Per month! The account runners think, that they can make 5000 Dollars with a single photo set, when they can lure 10 Patrons to their tiers! Each month! As far as I see and to my relief this kind of business strategy didn't work out very good! The ability of paying members to make wise decisions seems on a healthy level.

On the other hand the serious content creators like Milena need staying members today! When fans join once or twice per year for a month, sites can't survive! The sites you love really need your support at least by becoming a staying member.

The Pros: 10 years ago a handful of sites told you what's good! Today many models show you what THEY think is good. And the diversity of what professional models create is amazing. In the richness of variety you can see the personal effort and their demand in themselves by what they do! Each of their portfolios is an offer of what Erotic Art can be and their art concepts are far from narrow! On the contrary. Today there's a high number of individual, independent and diversified creatives who have a modern vision of High Quality Erotic Art and present it on their own sites and accounts! It can be punky. Natural. Kinky. Fetish-oriented. It can be just a fresh and new approach towards online eroticism as the sexiest art ever. It can be all of it! And you are free to choose what YOU think is the best of it! The diversity never was THAT great! The competition may be harder than before. But already collaborations start! Independent models visit each other, shoot each other, make shoots together and very likely discuss their ideas together, reminding me on other famous rebellions against standardized art forms in music and movie making, which became the basis for development and progress. Let's see what happens in the 20s! Maybe a whole new kind of communal free-spirited, independent content creator families come to exist! What an exciting chance! It might be a brand new start taking place right before our eyes! It definitely IS the return of the freedom of art!

Right now the static, traditional Nude Art sites still live next to the fresh, new and individual content on model solo sites and accounts. But I already have the feeling that the comment sections on traditional sites are full of lifelong members, who paid a higher sum of money once, many years ago ,and now will never pay a single Dollar again to finance new content. The higher the amount of lifelong members is, the less money is flowing to those sites. Which will not make their content develop in any direction.

The greatest thing of all is, that fans are really open for fresh, new and progressive Nude Art. They accepted the changes with open hearts and take part in it. They get the idea to support the models directly, which was what they ever wanted. The models are the reason why they are here! The current inventory of individual and independent solo sites - some of them already proved their potential to survive for some years - IS the new level of Online eroticism. Milena is very much in a pole position for this development, with years of experience and her mind full of ideas and inspiration. This new generation of solo sites is already unstoppable. The idea alone they might all close down again and we have to return to the 'good old' 10s... it just would NOT be the 20s. After a stormy beginning, now the 20s seem to become a time of progress, inventiveness and real, individual creativity. And the decade has only just begun.

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