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Prejudices Against Erotic Art and Fans

What for a world is it we live in, us Nude Art fans? The cliché is, that we are all nerdy guys who sit in the dark behind our screens, the curtains closed, wanking by watching explicit pussy shots of our favorite nude models. (And about that one we will talk in a few weeks separately.) The real truth is not without obstacles itself. Some of you might already know that I live with my son. When we moved to our current apartment I wanted to hang a poster of Lara Croft, painted by Michael Turner, very sexy, on the opposite wall of my own room, so that the first thing I see in the morning coming out of my room, is Lara Croft pointing her two guns at me - and her nips! My son asked me to put it down. His friends, especially his female friends, might get a wrong impression of me. So I did. It's my son. I do everything for him and he wants to be proud of me. I want him to be proud of me. And Erotic Art is something standing in the way of our kids being proud of us? I repeat the question: what for a world is it we live in, us Nude Art fans?

I can give you the answer right away. It's a world full of prejudices and hypocrisy, but this is only human and we are a part of it ourselves. I was in a museum once. A sculptor who makes very detailed sculptures of nude men and women had an exhibition of his work. So we could witness around 100 people of age 12 to 90, the intellectual and academic high society, watching at boobs and penisses of a renowned sculptor, devoutly and full of determined intensity. Next day there was a newspaper article full of praise for the exhibition. I can promise you, you wouldn't get any praise when you get caught at home, watching a Nude Art photo set. The difference is, that online Nude Art is looked upon as superficial. Or even sexist. Sculpturing is expertise. People see it with different eyes. But only when a man is the sculptor! A female sculptor of nude bodies... that's not so easy. Even in the 21st Century.

A short look back to Michael Turner. He died of age 37 on bone cancer! Before his death many people accused him of bringing sexism into comic books. After his death he was praised of bringing a new aesthetic into comic books.

The world is hypocritical and superficial itself. That much can be said. Especially in regards of eroticism, public opinions were always full of bigotry. Art very often has the mission to be a mirror for public opinions, a voice of rebellion against the common sense. From Pink Floyd to Rihanna music is a raised hand against the bourgeois, until a few weeks ago Billie Eilish with her statement against pornography became a voice of the bourgeois herself. And let's not forget that Hollywood is the embodiment of sexism. Not even talking about the catholic church, which made abuse a clerical standard!.

That doesn't help us. We have to be clear for ourselves who we are and what is the essence of our doings. It must be said that some of us are indeed superficial! So many of us really look at boobs and are not interested in the model! I didn't want to believe it at first, but thousands of comments on my Tweets at Twitter talk a clear language about that! And not only some of us are sexists! I'm a sexist. I want to sensualize my life as good as possible! And Nude Art is a part of it. I decided that my Lara Croft poster is NOT a part of it, out of love for my son. But I decided that Nude Art became a very important and intense part of my life! It's what I said in my text about fetishes: we always can make decisions. Nude Art fans are NOT crazy pervs, helplessly at the mercy of their own dark desires. We can decide to be sexists, looking at nude bodies all day, but we can - and we should! - decide in the same moment NOT to be mysogyn, treating women (or anybody) badly, dressed or not. We can feel the freedom to look at Lesbian sex in movies and use this freedom to be open for homosexual or any other sexual preference! WE can decide not to be a part of cancel culture! We can decide to be political, to make a stand for eroticism and the freedom of art!

Some of us are stupid. That must be said, too! And I don't think of stupid as a lack of intellectual capacity. Or finding the right words. When some guys really think doing hardcore is not a job, but a way for women to free(!) themselves by doing hardcore and getting fucked by 10 men... yes, that's stupidity and mysogyny in the purest meaning of the word. And it's a real prejudice that all of us Nude Art fans and eroticists think like that! Those guys who say that and think it, they have jobs! They sell insurances, are bakers or journalists! Maybe politicians. Nobody says bakers are stupid pervs. They say eroticists are stupid pervs. That's the world we live in. That's the form of prejudices we have to deal with. How can we deal with it?

Time will tell. But I must say that a blog like this one, where Milena offered me the chance to express all those things and make it open, where she chose me to express some of her own thoughts, that's a great step. And I will be forever thankful for it! My son and all my employees (all women!) in my job know about it! My son is proud of me! And my employees... well, hehe, they are proud of me, too. Added by a clear degree of bewilderment and astonishment, but they can cope with the situation because they know that Erotic Art as a hobby is important for me, but just a part of me! It doesn't matter, if you and me are a sexist or not. But it does matter, that we can express ourselves without being ashamed for it. It's important to express who we are! To express our thinking about eroticism. But at the same time we must have an idea of being a good person! What it means to us! Independently from our professions or hobbies! It's totally okay when you say you love boobs! Or asses! You can even say you're a perv! It's part of the essence of Nude Art to love boobs, to inspire your sex life, your life style, to explore your fantasies. And that does not stand in the way of being a good person or a person of high morale.

It's a good thing when we don't let other people define who we are and in a prejudiced way. Let US tell them who we are - and who we are not - in our own words. Give eroticism a voice and an opinion.

End of Part 1. Coming next: Is there a development? Is artistic value making Erotic Art a part of the claviature of arts? And in part 3 I will talk about aesthetic and physical satisfaction.

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