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Symbiotic Touches

My friend loves me. She really does. She’s almost crazy for me, insatiably fond of my body and she knows exactly what drives me crazy. I love her, too. Like mad. I can’t let my fingers off her. Right now I’m studying for my exam and so I ordered a break for the week. She said “Yes”, but she smiled when saying it. That dangerous smile I love so much. Even more dangerous is, when she knocks on my door unannounced. And I love that, too. Right now it knocked on my door.

“I bought clothes!” she said with exactly that dangerous smile. She took her purchase out of the bag and it was black lingerie. Did I say she knows my turn-ons? She knows all of the right buttons to push. Always. Five minutes later we stand on bed and look into the mirror front of my wardrobe, looking both hot as hell and my mouth is watering. Not only my mouth. I look at my friend devastated. “My exams!” She smiles – yes, that smile- and says: “We always wanted to try out masturbating together. Fast and clean? 5 minutes?”

Lying on bed next to each other… yes, we always wanted to try it out and it is SO hot. My needs go from my brain to my fingers and I see her fingers and what I see I immediately transcript into her thoughts. Which is inspiring my thoughts and those I turn directly towards the movement of my fingers again. Wow. Yeah, we always wanted to do that, but now I go wild. I want her. I want her body lying on mine. I want to feel what her fingers make with her body. I want to feel her shivers. So I draw her up on my body and I deliberately choose the wrong body to work with my fingers on. When she feels her pussy occupied by me she doesn’t hesitate to rub mine. It feels as hot as before, then hotter and finally my mind snaps. I just want her. Every which way is alright for me. And she wants me, too. She sucks my nips, got control over her own pussy with her fingers again, and when I forget to finger myself for just a little moment she goes down with her lips between my thighs and that’s the moment when she always takes control over me. She is just the best there is in using her tongue on me.

We are one body. Every touch I place on her I feel on me. When she sighs I have to sigh, too. In pleasure. In ecstasy. I can’t stop sighing and shivering and touching and moaning. In the end I come twice. Once with her, another time when her fingers pointed at that one spot at the right second. I laugh into a sudden cry of lust, she laughs too. When we fall laughing and loving into each other’s arms and press our bodies against each other we both come another time. Or times. Two? Three? I cannot count them. Her orgasms run into mine, mine aren’t countable because they are waves which I can’t divide into numbers.

“You passed the exam, baby!” she said. “Which one?” I asked. “The one you never need to study for.” She smiled – yes, that smile again. “I hate you!” I say. “Yes, she said. I taste your hatred for me on my lips. Kiss me!” And I did. Passionately. A few drops of my hate for her run down my upper thighs. “No, I love you.” I correct myself. “I know.” she says.

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