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The 809th Tale of Sheherazade

It turned out that Sheherazad was lover and servant of the Queen of a mighty sisterhood. A letter she wrote to her Queen one day revealed the secret how the sisterhood came into possession of their vast landscapes. Here's the letter:

Dear Mylady,

The Sultan agreed to have a meeting with you to discuss the assignment of a landscape from his estates to our sisterhood. Please be aware that the Sultan is a man of sexual desires. His interest in your body might be of highest importance for the outcome of the negotiations. I already indicated to him that you are a woman of sensual affectations, too. And I had the fortune to be able to speak to a woman from his Seraglio, who told me in explicit length, that the Sultan is not a very playful lover, instead he focuses his attention to a woman’s intimate center. Considering that, he is still very convincing with his tongue and very interested to prove it.

May so I give you advice for the process of the negotiations in a way that you don’t spend too much time for ceremonial standards? He knows that we are interested in a part of his landscapes and he is willing to give it to us. The only circumstance of interest is his sympathy for us and for you in particular as the Chief of our sisterhood. So it would be wise to come to that point early. He will be very affected by your dance. No one, not man or woman, will not be sexually affected when watching you dance, Mylady. I certainly know that by my own experience. The following events might be a bit boring for yourself because of the Sultan’s sensual limitations, but I already made plans for it, too, if you excuse my imprudence. The peach is a fruit of an intense physical flavor, vivid and juicy, but somehow… similar to the intense flavors of a human body. I know from the Seraglio woman, that the Sultan prefers the intense flavors and not the crystal clear ones. And I know from my own experiences in those long nights in your bed that your taste is just what the Sultan prefers. Intense, vivid and delicious in the strongest sense of the word. I made a deal with the Seraglio woman that she prepares a bowl of fruits for the negotiation and there will be peaches. Maybe you can interest the Sultan in a more playful activity when you use a peach to give your whole body an intense physical taste, which the Sultan will associate with your delicious intimate wetness? When the Sultan is as sophisticated with his tongue as it is said, you should earn a pretty lengthy encounter of a very enjoyable kind with him savoring the whole of your body. I am looking forward to your narration about it and maybe there is something we all can learn from your night with him? Maybe not. I am looking very forward already to make you forget whatever feelings the Sultan may evoke in your beautiful body. Hopefully it will happen already in our new home at the sea, in the landscapes the Sultan assigned to us after a delicious night with you, Mylady!

In deepest expectation for your return into my loving arms,



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