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The Case of the Naughty Nurse

Life is hard for agents of a Secret Service. I work in all kinds of disguises and my lover is not allowed to know about it. When she catches me by surprise in one of my outfits, I must get out of the situation without telling. That can be tough, but sometimes it's... very hot. This morning I just closed the last button on my nurse dress for the work in hospital, where I investigated a drug delict, when my lover opened the door to our apartment. I cursed myself for getting that nurse dress on so early. Could have done it in the hospital. But now things are as they are. She came close to my face, looked into my eyes, obviously delighted, and whispered: "You are full of surprises." She let one hand slide under my dress and started to caress my breasts. I can't resist to that. I never could. I had 35 minutes to clear the situation. That's not such a long time, but hey, it's 35 minutes. Things could be worse. I already felt the juices gather in my pussy, discussing if they come out in drops, or as a river of lust. My lover knew exactly how I felt. She knows me better than I know myself. But one thing she got wrong this morning. I had no hidden nurse fetish. I have a secret job. And I couldn't tell. "I feel so bad." she just said. "I urgently need to be examined. In detail."

I unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her wonderful little breasts with the pointy nips I dream of every night. I licked the tips of my pointing fingers and with a delicious smile I tipped both of them on one of her nips each. She sighed in anticipation. "Wow, your nips are very hard." I said with a very troubled and serious look into her eyes. "Is that a bad thing?" she asked pleadingly. "That's a very bad thing." I said. "But not for your health. It's your horniness I'm worried about. You're so aroused right now that I could do with you whatever I want. Do I see that right?" "You see that very, very right, nurse." She wetted her lips with her tongue and did not forget to reach out the tip of it in my direction for a short lustful moment. "What can I do to become a nice and decent woman again?"" I had no good news for her: "I will put you on a very strict sexual diet. And I mean zero level! For the next 5 days! When things don't get better then, we must talk about a longer period of time." Inside my head I laughed out loud. I don't know how she made it, but her eyes got wet! As in tears she said: "My lover is a very active woman, sexually. Please, you can't do that to me! She's a real nymphomaniac! She needs me! Very often." "Well," I began and grabbed the medical thermometer out of my pocket. "we let your temperature decide. When you're too hot, it might be necessary to put you on a maximum level of daily sex instead." She opened her mouth to receive the thermometer, but I shook my head and she ripped her eyes open. "Not in your mouth!" I said. "You want..." "Yes, I want that exactly." "Haven't you those godsend highly sensitive fingers which can do everything? I'm sure they can count the degrees, too." "You can count yourself very lucky that I'm here. You really need my examination." "You bet, I need." I put my right pointing finger under my tongue and made it especially wet for a special occasion. "That could feel a bit tight now, But don't worry. I have everything under control." She moaned ecstatically.

When my soaking wet finger slipped into her, we both lost every control over our storyline. It made us so hot that we came over each other, kissing, fingering, licking. It didn't matter anymore that I had a nurses dress on when her fingers slipped under the skirt and between my lower lips. She was not able to resist my tongue, which examined every inch on her body and found every cave to slip in. We had a very satisfying afternoon, which lasted much more than the 35 minutes I wanted to give to it initially. My boss would have questions. I think tomorrow I'll go to office and say I can't work as a nurse. I need a doctor's identity for it. He would understand.

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