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The Model and the Fan

When we want to know about the reasons why we get attracted by Erotic Art, we can talk about necklines, panty flashes and close-ups of intimate body areas, about the quality of Nude Art productions or we can guess the importance of the right promotion, but we should never forget about the effect the model herself has on the audience! In a poll I made on Twitter 2 years ago I asked what makes fans join paysites: the models, the photographers, fetishes like lingerie and toys or the site itself! A breathtaking result of 73% of the voters called the models their main reason to join a site.

If I would ask further on, what a model must have to raise the watchers' attention, maybe most people would answer straight away, that the beauty, even more a beautiful body is the cause for their excitement and if I asked even more, we would get the usual results: we will hear about body shapes, breasts, asses and sometimes about faces, lovely smiles and brightest eyes.

There may be many people who completely focus on nude bodies when they watch a Nude Art photo set! And maybe they don't have many preferences like hair color, breast sizes and body shapes. They watch regular updates on multi-model sites and they are happy with what they get. Maybe they like some models more than others, but at the end of the day they just want a nude female body. Other kinds of fans focus on particular models. They have models they appreciate much more than others. And maybe that HAS to do with preferences like hair color etc. And finally there's the group of people who preferably, if not ONLY watch a small group of fave models, or even only one model at all they really like very much! And we might still identify the models' beauty and the fans' physical or visual preferences as the reason for their manner of consuming Erotic Art! But is this assumption right?

I have some models in my collection who belong to the most famous models ever and who are so beautiful that no woman ever can be more beautiful than they are. And even when I have them in my collection because they are so important for the whole of Nude Art, I don't love them. I appreciate them. But sometimes I watch one of their sets and break up in the middle and turn my attention on another model! How can that be?

The answer is obvious: there is more in a Nude Art production than a nude body! Photos and movies show the models' performance and when they add their soul to it, their own vision of what eroticism is, their personality - with all their radiance and charisma - it will be the essential ingredient, which makes the result, the photo set or movie, vivid, expressive, singular and distinctive - an individual experience! It will make the audience feel attracted by the person they watch! And this even works in the subconscious parts of their minds! Fans of Nude Art who pretend to just focus on the bodies, without feelings or commitment, they may not even realize that they prefer to watch a particular 'body' more often because they get sensually, spiritually and emotionally attracted by the model in the presentation of her aura, her unique vibes! The experience to watch such a model again and again, to feel personally drawn to her, is a stronger turn-on than a pure naked body alone can be, even the most beautiful body!

Soul, love and a visionary art concept, the expertise to know what's hot, are the secret, but not invisible ingredients of the effect a model has on her fans. You think you just see a beautiful, perfect body, but in truth the whole fascination comes with the personal and inimitable things a model adds to it. You feel the personality, the idea behind a photo set, the charm and thinking of a model in her sensual creativity. You even see it, but you can't necessarily put a finger on it. That makes the fan watching her not only in single sets, independent from each other, but also to be interested in a model's complete work, to get her personal message and to react to her art in a personal, even emotional way! It's a virtual, non-binding relationship, a relationship between artist and fan, but it IS a relationship! It allows feelings and emotions. It's a lasting relationship, not rarely lasting for years. And it's reciprocal! You feel her passion in the photos or movies and she feels your appreciation, leading up to new creative inspiration. Once you have experienced this interaction, you will not want to miss it ever again! You will see Nude Art with new eyes! Funny thing is: very likely you always did! But now you finally are aware of it!

There are many models who master the magic of giving us unique and personal erotic content. Milena Angel is the perfect example of it. I often said in the past that Milena Angel has the nicest and truest fans and everything I said above is the reason for that! It led to more than 10 years of interactive and continuing relationships with her fans. A dream come true. And it's this personal involvement that keeps the dream alive!

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