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The Moment Your Instincts Take Over - How does Erotic Art work?

The world exists in our minds, but we don't control it very well and that's a good thing for our passion and excitement. It's the reason why we get aroused and feel sexually inspired by Erotic Art! Let me explain it with an easy example.

Not the REAL world is in our minds. It's the world of our perceptions, our feelings and emotions. But THAT is the world we live in! Imagine you watch a movie with your favorite Erotic model. It begins with a full length camera setting of her whole body from head to toe in a wonderful dress. You will feel sympathy for her and friendliness. In this scene everything is possible. You are a nice man and feel attracted. You can imagine to talk to her about the weather or your hobbies. Or you decide just to watch her. But this is a movie! An erotic movie. And the camera starts to make a slow zoom towards her neckline! When the movement ends in a close up of her neck and the upper parts of her wonderful breasts, still hidden under the dress, you will slowly but surely lose control. Your memories and your subconsciousness take over! Welcome to the world of scents, tastes, warmth and the sensations of a body. You will not think about the weather anymore. Even when you never had a sexual relationship before, you WILL have made the experience of being close to a woman. In a bar, in school, at work. This woman in the movie is your favorite Nude model, living in a completely sexualized world. (For YOUR perception, that is!) It can be a fantasy world or a world of nude life style, but it IS a sensual world! And suddenly you see a part of her body in a close up you associate with intimacy.

Let me add in a short aside, that even when your reaction on essential and intimate details in movies is based on your memory and subconsciousness, your attitude towards nude models in general but even more the relationship to the model in the movie is important! But that is something for another time.

Everything which happens with you by watching that movie from this moment on, is beyond your control, but it is individually YOU, who makes this experience! Are you a voyeur? Or a lover? Who exactly are you today? You will learn it just in this moment in THIS particular movie! Will you imagine to kiss her neck? Or will you just move your head a little bit closer to the screen to get her scent clearer? Or maybe you feel too close and wish the camera to keep a distance again? Are you shy? All those intimate truths about yourself got evoked by a simple zoom perspective of a camera!

Experienced content creators like Milena will have the expertise to control that process! They can do what you can't anymore! THIS is the area of what must be called Erotic Art! It IS the art of seduction. The art of evoking arousal! A zoom to a neckline or an even more intimate part of a body at the beginning of a movie is a drastic step! Giving a tender panty flash by uplifting the hemline of the beautiful dress on a distance might be a more tender and sensual attraction. But that is the decision of the model. She can prepare you for the things to come slowly, or within the next second. And let us not forget: that movie we talk about has just begun. What more sensations has it in tow for you?

An important part of the art of being an erotic content creator is to decide, if and when to bring you to the moment where your basic instincts take over. A movie with no nudity, but a sideboobs shirt, a very tight dress or pantyhose or a very short schoolgirl skirt with lots of panty flashes can become more thrilling than any explicit girl/boy porn movie can. Maybe it makes you longing for a 5 minute pussy close up scene. But if you get it - or not - is a very subtle part of eroticism! It can be utmost satisfying NOT to get it. It can be VERY satisfying NOT to get it today, when tomorrow is a perfect day for another movie with such a scene, a 5 minute pussy close up, in it. That diversity is another important trick to make Erotic Art a colorful experience. Never underestimate your subconsciousness! It really doesn't want the same thing all over again and again! And that is, where Nude Art has a deciding advantage towards porn movies! It's much more playful and diversified.

Last not least: even when I talked about movies here, it's the same in photo sets, and in my personal opinion it's even more intense in photo sets! The things that happen in your aroused minds between 2 photos is a breathtaking and important part of Erotic Art! But that will once more be a story for another time.

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