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The Mysterious Island

I was in the middle of the ocean, when my boat sank at night by reasons not known to me. I was in a deep sleep at the time and the only person on board. Maybe a sudden storm hit it and I fell from sleep into unconsciousness. When I found myself lying on a beach some time later, the sun was rising. Thirst and weakness made me fall in and out of consciousness several times. It was a dreamlike state I was in and in one of my more awake phases I imagined a woman, beautiful as if right out of my dreams, with wonderful blue eyes and a tender smile. When I finally came to my mind again, right at the beach, giving me proof that I did not dream, I felt regret. The woman I dreamed about wasn’t there. But I felt a loincloth around my waist that wasn’t there when I went to sleep on the boat. I was sure I went into my bunk completely naked. I decided to walk inland from the beach. I couldn’t know but I was sure to be on an island. It should be later that I found I was right. She told it to me. She was not in the least just a dream.

I walked for an hour, witnessing different kinds of animals, all not appearing dangerous, but also not very shy. I found ruins, obviously built thousands of years ago. Remains of an early civilization? Finally I heard sounds. Human sounds. Sighs. Moans. It was the voice of a woman and I found myself hoping to meet the woman I saw in my dreams last night. A few more steps and I saw her. She was even more beautiful now than she was this morning. The sun made her hair shine and I never saw a face more beautiful. But she also was in the middle of a wild and extensive caressing of her own body, which caused her sighs and moans. What she did was not very appropriate in more genteel company, but I had to face the fact that she is allowed to make her own rules on this island. And it was me who should be gentleman enough to postpone our first meet on a later time of day. My decision came too late. She already noticed me and stopped doing what she just did. She did not stop in shock, as if she felt caught in the act. She just stopped because she seemed to be more interested in something new now. Which would be me. She put on her dress, being of the same fabric than my new loincloth and moved closer to me.

“Glad that you’re better!” she said and there was that tender smile again I saw this morning. “I think I owe you my life?” I mused. “I thought I dreamt you this morning at the beach, but now I see you’re real. Did you pass me that loincloth?” She smiled again and the sun seemed brighter when she smiled. “It seemed appropriate. I didn’t know who else you would meet when you wake up.” “Who could I have met?” I asked. She hesitated with answering. “I live with my sisters. We are a colony of females and we are not only unfamiliar with what you call civilization. We never even had contact to the world you live in! But we know enough from books about you, so we are very curious. I can't say how my sisters behave in certain degrees of... curiosity.”

I was enchanted by the sight of the woman and by what she told me. Seeing her unearthly beauty and listening to her tale of a colony of women unfamiliar with my own origin… it fit together. It was a sense of pure magic that befell me. Still I asked myself if I maybe was still dreaming. I would not like to wake up now. But I read enough books to know that every story of that kind always has an obstacle which might not quite be as pleasing as the beginning of such a tale. The beautiful woman did not hesitate this time to come to the point. She continued: “There is a problem. Usually no one can reach this island and certainly not a man. You are the very first! Our knowledge about men is instead... profound by the books we have. Still it's something completely different to meet a man than just to have read about one.” This information brought up a lot of questions, but I still was naive enough not to see any problem. She changed the topic. “You need food. Come with me. Inside of the hills there is our residence.” I followed her.

“You know…” she said, when we reached a portal into the hills, leading to what the beautiful woman called her residence. "There is some ancient magic on this island and I think it can happen that you can't leave us again.” She smiled by saying it and she looked into my eyes, a bit like being in love with me. I thought about it for a moment. “And you are all women?” “Yes!” she said. “How exciting.” I said. “Well…” she said. And smiled. Making the sun shine brighter again. “We will see.” she said. "You are not dangerous, are you?" I asked, which finally made her laugh out loud. "That's what we read in the books. About human beings being so suspicious all the time. So I really understand your question. But no, this island and everything upon it is not in the least dangerous to you. It's just that... we are not only 3 or 4 of us." In my mind a vision unfolded, still exciting, but I started to also see her point. She opened the portal and showed me in.

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