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When I'm not wrong, things will develop very fast in Nude Art in the coming months and years. So texts like this one might become a regular feature at this place. My intent is not to mirror the business structure, but in the first line to talk about the things most important to the most of us, the photo sets and movies themselves. Sometimes it will be necessary to talk about business structures to show a thing in a broader sense.

A very important factor today is always the technical development, going on in high speed. Not only smartphones become high tech cameras, even better with every year, so that the quality of independent, self-produced content comes closer and closer to professional photo shoots made with a traditional camera. There are more technical novelties which make our Nude Art experience richer. VR movies have been used for years by now. The playful use of this promising novelty I saw exclusively made by Milena Angel! VR movies give you exciting new visuals. You need the glasses, that much is true, but you get rewarded with the feeling to be - almost - there! It's the first step into a direction, where somewhere in the future holographic movies will take place in your own rooms. I heard that they are working on that (for business conferences in pandemic times!). Milena above that made real fun events out of it, from "searching the model" adventures to "surrounded by models" thrillers. And of course she made some fantastic backstage VR movies where you can decide if you watch the model posing or the photographer (most of the time Milena!) shooting the model, or if you take turns to see both. If we can call it a trend, that stands for debate. VR movies have been presented for a few years already, but as far as I see in a declining number. But I still say that the possibilities of VR are endless and it is next to Custom shoots the most promising innovation in Nude Art. Still I would also say that they will never replace classic updates, photo sets and movies. (But that 'holographic' thing might become a revolution once it's there.)

There's another new technical device creatives start to use more often recently. It's filming with drones. The effect is a cinematic one, especially in movies! I say it all depends on the creatives who use the tech, if the results are good or not! You can film from 100 feet above the head of the model. Or 10 feet. And that way you think you are in a Hollywood movie! But of course we aren't! We are in Nude Art World, where most people want to come as close to the model as possible! So a 10 minute movie filming a model from 10 feet up (or 100) is not exactly a satisfying event. It just looks good and had high production costs. The magic doesn't set in before the drone is used for tracking shots. Closing down from 100 feet to eyes' level with the model and finally following her moves in a distance of just a few inches, that makes hearts beat faster. So filming with drones can have a fantastic cinematic effect on a movie, but it's not a solution for a whole movie.

Even when it sounds as if things go more sophisticated and high tech, overall we can't say that! On the contrary. It seems that many content creators see that 'less is more'. Or to be more precisely: what is shown in shoots is more important than the technical aspects. I welcome this development very much. And for me this is the actual trend which deserves our attention. Things become more personal on the side of independent model content. So many photographers offered a reward on my head every time when I told that the models and their bodies and personalities are the main sensation in a Nude Art set or movie, but now models give prove to it - again. The individual aspect, the passion and the ambition of the model gets more space when the model is responsible for the results herself. That way it is possible that we see things which would never be published on a mainstream site, but the truth is, that it is extraordinary and cool what finds release on models' personal sites. It's absolutely possible today that a model wakes up naked in bed, walks to the mirror and sees wildest hair, no lipstick or make-up, but thinks: "Oh wow, I look totally amazing!" She makes a set out of it and I wouldn't wonder when it becomes the most unusual, but also most fascinating and wonderful photo set we get all month! Without preparation and styling, but with maybe a little bit of post-production. This new spontaneity is also providing an increasing diversity. Models discover certain moments in their lives as artful and worth to be documented in photos! They don't plan or make scripts for it, they just do it! Real life itself is sensual and can be put into photo sets. That was the original idea: naturalism and nude lifestyle! The lifestyle aspect has become a bit over the top over the years (luxury, keyword glamour). Now it returns to a more grounded status.

Back to the diversity. The wonderful Shibari set Milena shot with Emily Poker and recently published at the Club, would have hardly come to existence for one of the main multi-model sites. This seems to be a case for a fetish niche site. Or for the MilenaAngel.Club (or any other model site), where the focus is on Milena's (the model's) creativity and where is no restriction on the topic of a shoot. At Milena's site everything is possible! When you take a closer look away from the big sites and look at sites where models produce independently on their own responsibility, you will find many unusual sets. Unusual in themes and topics, and unusual in spontaneity of a shoot. The quality - again - is given by the professionalism of the models. Not by a technical standard. Content creators AND audience find their way back to the essence of Nude Art again. And to a richer and more diversified experience.

What happens meanwhile at the big sites? Since many of the member-drawing models retired or work on their own behalf, independently for their own sites, it looks a bit as if the main sites try to find models who do NOT have the intention to become famous. I can be wrong, but for me it seems that those sites and their photographers as well shy away from repeating the experience to lose models when they become too famous. It seems as if the big multi-model sites prefer to impress with their standards these days, and not with their personnel in front of the camera. Still they try to 'have them all', but not necessarily in focus.

Parallel to that we see a huge number of models from countries which were formerly underrepresented in Nude Art! Some sites seem to orient themselves completely on South American and South Sea areas. Creatives call it a 'new exotique', but this term is pretty relative. For the models the photographers are the ones who are exotique.

Back to the MilenaAngel.Club. The Club re-opened with a debut photo set of Lilbii. She works preferably independent. Due to her tattoos she would have difficulties to find her way unaltered to the leading multi-model sites, but she is definitely one of the only two highly fascinating new models I've seen this year. I can't say if there's a trend behind it, but I would love it to become one. As much as I would love to see Lilbii more often. We can by all means call it a trend, that models become more self-confident and insist on their tattoos being a part of their personality. Which makes it impossible for the mass market to even get them. It's their loss, due to overcome standards! Let's think about Scarlet, who is also available with her tattoos visible ONLY at the MilenaAngel.Club! Her former sets at a well known mainstream site could only be published after hard editing and it's in question if Scarlet herself would allow that to happen today. I personally welcome this new self-confidence very much and it was long overdue.

Last not least... always a trending topic - because always much discussed - is explicitness. Let's say it clear: models are devoted to eroticism! And eroticism is MUCH more than pussy shots. Some fans' expectations, educated by sites with narrow standards, are sometimes very limited. Most famous models already made about 100 and more 'spread legs' sets. When you collected their portfolios you really are NOT in need for more pussy shots. You have plenty of them. Other features have been underused in the past! Photo sets and movies can get a much more erotic feel, when they can focus on a mood or a special idea, on a narrative, without feeling forced to include certain elements over and over every time! I see a new richness. Observe it yourself at the sites you're on. You will see that there is an increasing variety of erotic expressions. Many models develop their own language of eroticism, which is more diversified than the 'spread legs' philosophy as a permanent standard ever was. Let us return once more to the Club, where recently was published that sensational "Shibari" set I already mentioned and also the unbelievably wonderful "Trailer" set: "Shibari" focuses on ropes on skin, while Milena looks so amazing in "Trailer", giving us what she masters so brilliantly, that is performing an exciting and arousing mood. The life of Milena Angel (in her sets and movies) always was coined by nudity in an inimitable coziness and a very pleasant way to move and to live, or alternatively by a naughty idea she came up with and had to show in her inventive and stylized way. Explicit shots are not unknown by fans of Milena Angel, but standardized and kind of forced close up pussy shots would give an unwanted break to the magic mood in her work. Explicitness and close-ups will never come out of fashion, but they are not trending right now. Instead they stand in a line next to the many other things representing the fascination of Nude Art, which have come too short in the last years and which are given more room in recent times.

To be continued...

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