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Trying Out New Things

This morning she watched a Lesbian movie, where the two women turned each other on... with food. She knows that many people love it, but she herself was left unimpressed. What's the buzz? Still, it's already high noon and she's already sitting here for three hours thinking about it. Her girlfriend was away for the weekend. She had no one to talk about it. But she has...

She really prepared it lovingly and neat. And to her own surprise preparing it already made her a bit more than a bit excited. She cleaned the strawberries, one after the other. The same with the cherries. Scrubbing the big cucumber gave her a naughty feeling of penis envy and she knew that her girlfriend would throw her a doubtful smile and she would raise an eyebrow. But her girlfriend wasn't there. Nobody to answer to. But to be true she had her own doubts about using the cucumber. The tomatoes were extremely fresh and wetted her fingers when she cut them into halves. Maybe for those it would be better when her girlfriend would be with her? To lick her clean? The thought gave her a pleasant shudder. More than once she wanted to stop and watch another movie instead. But in the end it was all prepared and a whole collection of fruits, vegetables and other things were nicely placed on her bed. And in the middle of it all she was herself.

At first she took a strawberry and placed it on her navel. And looked at it. Clueless. She tried a cherry instead, which is smaller. But to fit into her navel she had to use a pea and she new for sure that she would NOT - as in never - use a pea for sex games. Ridiculous. What a turn-off. So she looked at the cherry, but she still was not really excited. A bit bored she ate one of the strawberries. Damn, she thought, strawberries are delicious. And that thought gave her a kick. She remembers the kisses of her girlfriend after she licked her. How yummy her kisses are when she had her own taste on her lips and tongue. She started to caress her left nip with her finger, while she led another strawberry closer to her pussy. She tipped on her clit with it, but that made her almost resign from her plans again. She slided the strawberry further down her pussy lips and finally - with a most tender push with one finger - she let it glide betwen them and into her pussy. Not that it made her all horny. She felt more like a scientist at the moment, not excited. Only curious. But there was a clear feeling of anticipation towards eating a strawberry with the taste of her own pussy on it. While she gave it time to get soaked with her own juice she caressed her pussy lips with the tip of one finger, but now she was all interested in the cucumber. She took it into her hand and looked at it. A giant sex toy. Oh my goddess, she thought, that there are women who love getting something like that into their pussies. I would never... She certainly wouldn't, but she wanted at least to put the one thick end of it into her mouth. And so she did. She even licked it with her tongue, that end between her upper lips. It made her wet. Even more wet than she was before. It was just too big and so she took the cucumber out of her mouth again and tipped with the end full of saliva against her clit. And here we go, she thought. That giant cucumber pressing her clit gave electricity to her nerve ends all over her body. It was quite another level than the strawberry was earlier. Her one finger gliding along her pussy lips got moist by wetness flowing out of her and she did not forget that strawberry, getting more delicious with every minute.

She held the pressure on her clit with the cucumber in her left hand when finally she started to get back the strawberry out of her pussy with one finger. She made it a lasting moment by making tiny little circles surrounding the strawberry. But finally she pushed it out welcoming it with the palm of her hands and led it directly into her mouth, playing inside of it with her tongue, recognizing her own taste which made her missing her girlfriend so much.

Against all expectations the afternoon started to make sense now. The scientist in her by now turned into a horny scientist and she repeated the game with every strawberry. And after that she used two cherries - at once - which made her finally explode in a surprisingly intense and very welcome orgasm. The cucumber was lying next to her on the bed for a while. already when her returning business with the strawberries was still going on. It wasn't really of particular use to her, but it did not fail to impress her in a way. She understood now that cucumbers are a matter of taste. Not hers, but she had an idea of what can be so impressive about it.

She looked around. On her bed were unused fruits and vegetables. And honey. She even added jelly to the mix. She decided to sleep over it. Maybe she would play with the honey tomorrow. And tomorrow evening her girlfriend would be back. She wondered what she would say to it.

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