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Welcome... the NEW MilenaAngel.Club!

Milena Angel is a world famous model and content creator of Erotic Art since 2009! She is one of the few people who coined the face of online Erotic Art in the last ten years. Wherever her work was published, it seized highest rankings until today. A set or movie with Milena Angel never gets outdated! Impressive performances, playful locations and outfits and a relentless demand in herself to create new and exciting eroticism, to invent herself and to re-define Erotic Art with new ways to express herself... all that makes her one of THE popular creatives for a very long time now!

Actually the MilenaAngel.Club opened up on December 24th of 2016! Then together with her longtime photographer Erik Latika. With him she worked since the very beginning in 2009! But the Club always was a playground for Milena's own creativity. She developed new techniques, gathered around her a whole bunch of famous stars as well as new models to work with and experienced her own work and expertise as a growing source of inspiration for the future.

Increasingly she felt and signed responsible for her own work as photographer, model and site runner. Also she loves to proceed in her creativity and she doesn't very much like to repeat herself. And so it was just a matter of time that she decided to re-invent herself once again and to move the Club to new heights, this time exclusively with content where she has the full control about the quality and the direction it takes. And so the curtain rises for the NEW MIlenaAngel.Club!

Thank you in advance for being here from the very beginning and prepare for a bright shining world full of love, hot ideas and pleasant moods. It can also become demanding at times. So be prepared for unexpected surprises!

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