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What Is A Man Good For?

She reached the forest shortly before nightfall. Summer was at its hottest and the branches beneath her feet cracked auspiciously with every step under her feet. Morgana was a fairy and she had spent time on the human's world for her pleasure and wealth. 'They really know to live in luxury, those humans.' she thought. Lustful memories came up in her homesick mind. Now the time had come to return to her own spheres, the realm of the fairies. Not too deep inside of the forest there was the lake which was the portal back to her own world. Long ago Merlin the sorcerer stood at the shores of this lake and waited for the portals to open for him. Which never happened. He didn't know about the secret ingredient he had to swallow to make the portal open for him. Morgana smiled. Even if he had known about it, he wouldn't have made the right moves to get into possession of the potion one must drink to make the lake opening the door to Avalon.

When Morgana reached the lake she sighed in relief. The cabin was still there and the inside of it was bathed into light. So the new resident of it, a young man of handsome build and pleasant appearance, was at home. Nothing would prevent her from coming home herself tonight. She looked through the window, furtively and unseen. The man was there, reading a book at his fireplace which spent him warmth in the Winter months. But not today. It was high Summer.

She knocked at the door and heard the man move from behind. When he opened the door and saw her unbelievable beauty, felt her stunning radiance, she knew that everything would go as planned. Her kiss already was enough to convince him not to resist. This was his opportunity of a lifetime and the aura of a fairy was nothing a normal man could easily resist! He not even tried! Her soft garment fell to the floor and both their bodies followed. He did nothing. He wasn't able to make decisions under her spell. She undressed him and he watched at her beautiful face, into her shining eyes in disbelief and when his gaze went down her body he completely submitted to her. The sexual attraction of a fairy doesn't even allow to beg for explanation. Merlin has been a wizard, but even he was unable to meet Morgana on eye's level. Those hundreds of years ago. She tried to imagine this guy she just seduced as being Merlin, but she couldn't! This man was not as powerful as Merlin was, but he had an attractive scent she liked very much. She did not want to compare him to an old acquaintance. She wanted him to be a separate memory of her.

She sat on top of him and the young man looked like hypnotized up to her, moaning at the brink of ecstasy. He was nice enough to wait for her to come first - not that he had any control over it! When her convulsions ebbed down she let him slip out of her and completed her task with her mouth. If he had come inside of her pussy, things would have become difficult. She needed to swallow what she came here for and she was experienced enough to get it done as needed.

His taste was excellent. She licked the last drops from her lips and smiled at him. He smiled back and asked: "Who are you?" "No questions." she replied amused. For a short moment she thought about taking him with her to Avalon. He certainly would make a pleasant companion. "Maybe at another time." she thought, stood up, put her sheer dress over her body again, blew him a kiss and left the cabin.

The lake shined brightly. Now that she swallowed the secret potion the portal to Avalon was wide open for her. Without undressing she walked into the sea and after she arrived at her home, Avalon, the light in the sea faded. The man, following her from his cabin, he saw the light, he saw the woman and he saw the light going out.

It is said that the man stood at the lake again and again for a very long time, waiting for the unearthly beautiful woman to return. Just like Merlin did.

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