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You want to go home and rethink your life!

She financed her studies as a living congratulatory telegram. Means, she slips into different, but always indecent outfits, knocks at doors, jumps into rooms, spreads out her arms or whatever she wants to do and says: “Happy Birthday!” or “Happy Anniversary” or “Happy something”. Therefore she gets good money, many tips, a drink or two and quite a bit adequate attention by the men. And by the women, too. Today she dressed up as a police officer, means a cap, a black lace panty and a naughty corsage, all of it see-through and more revealing than hiding.. And heels. Oh, and the cuffs, of course. For the way she wrapped herself in a trench-coat to avoid too early attention on the streets.

In a lonely alleyway between two large houses one of those crazy things happened you can never explain, but which make life so colorful. She saw a man pointing with a gun at another man, forcing him to give him his purse. She saw it and without even thinking she dropped her coat and in her libertine police uniform she ran to the scene, yelling: “Police! Don’t move! Drop the gun!” She didn’t even have a toy gun. Just the cuffs and she fetched them. The man with the gun was so alarmed by her severe voice that he didn’t turn around and let his gun fall to the ground. She bent his arms back, cuffed him, moved him to the building wall, spread his legs, checked his clothes for whatever she was looking for and pulled his head back into his neck. In his left ear she whispered: “You want to go home and rethink your life!” And he repeated with a frightened voice: “I want to go home and rethink my life!” She removed the cuffs, lowered her grip on his head and the man ran away. The other man looked at her from head to toe and said: “Wow!” Now she had the time to take a closer look at her ‘damsel in distress’ and in her mind she repeated the man’s reaction. Wow! He was quite a handsome guy. The shock was still noticeable in his grey eyes, but it couldn’t prevent her to see that he was a hot item. She was pretty sure that a smile would make his face shine and in a sudden impulse she grabbed his shoulders, drew him closer to her and kissed him. Somewhere in the nether areas of her mind she remembered that she was almost naked, or at least not far from it. But the man didn’t care. He answered to her kiss polite, but passionately. It was of a kind that counts. It was exactly one of those kisses she wakes up for in the morning.

They made it last. She didn’t know how long they kissed and held each other in their arms, but when it was over, she had only one thought: to start again. “I have an appointment to keep.” She said. He looked down to her naughty clothes and said: “I see.” “But it will not last very long and I would love to have a coffee afterwards.”

“So you want me to come with you?” he asked.

“Only to the address written on a paper in my trench-coat.” she said. "But you must wait on the street for my return. 5 minutes?"

“Okay. Whatever you say.” He smiled, but shyly and with a glimpse of being fallen in love with his heroine.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” she said and took him by his hand and led him out of the alleyway. “Do you like cuffs?”

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