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Your Favorite Model(s)

Do you 'choose' your favorite models, or are they 'happening' to you? It very much depends on who you are yourself and why you open the gates for the first time and enter the marvelous landscapes of Nude Art World. Maybe you just came here for the sensation of explicit sensual excitement. Nudity. Arousal. Maybe you were looking for an 'online girlfriend', for pictures of a woman, beautiful, lovely and open minded, inspiring your fantasies about how living with her would be like. Maybe you've just been in a horny mood and Nude Art was only one click away for a single visit without any obligations.

But when you stay for a while, things will happen and not always you are in control of the events! And that's a good thing! You will definitely learn new things about yourself! When you already heard about a model, because she's very famous and her name and some photos found their way to Real World, when you are interested in her in particular and when she has a solo site with lots of photo sets and movies available, things can be very easy. Milena is that kind of a model. And she's also a woman you will never forget once you saw her! Even more when you know her thinking, her vision, the magic behind her work. She's one of the very few who makes you stay!

But that's only one way to become a regular traveler in the world of Erotic Art! The more usual way will be, that you will anchor first at one of the better known multi-model sites. And many of those have a search engine with an 'Advanced Search' function. And now, I can tell you, you will learn much about the nature of Nude Art World and also about yourself! Those search functions are strictly physical! (And that's not to imagine differently! Nude Art IS strictly physical and visual as a whole and on first notice!) You are asked about hair color, breast sizes, hairy or shaven, eye color, maybe age and ethnicity. Make your choices, get the results and finally check out the models from your result list! And now something will happen that we can only understand as the magic of Nude Art World (and also the magic of attraction between human beings!).

You were looking for blonde women with blue eyes! You got 150 results or more and from those 150 models you marked 23 as favorites! You checked some sets and movies of some of the models and you still feel hungry for more. It's the limit of the search function, that you can only choose a given list of categories. You might look for brunette women with green eyes next. Before you look out for black haired women now, you check your favorites again. The list got longer in the last hours. You sort out models who have only 5 sets available. The list gets shorter. But all of a sudden your eyes get fixed on one model you already saw several times in your search results. Maybe she's already on your fave list or not. And it doesn't matter if she fits to your search parameters. Somehow she passed your way and somehow she did it more than once and somehow she finally got your attention. Maybe it's something in her eyes, in her smile. You will possibly never know. But all of a sudden you're in love! You finally focus on one woman in particular, watch several photo sets and movies. She has the perfect body, but she also has a way to present it, a way to get your attention, and no search function in the world can prepare you for that! The words for finding her don't exist! Many reasons for this will be responsible for it. You can investigate it! You can start to think about a conspiracy: the algorithms of the site WANT you to find her. But in the end it's the beginning of your first virtual relationship with a nude model! It is YOU and it is HER! The humor in her smile, the rebellious disrespect in her eyes... and YOU, who likes both!

We are in a beautiful, virtual world of eroticism and nudity. This event will very likely repeat itself. Several times. In years there will be many short time relationships between you and some models. Very likely you will forever love the first model you met this way. But when you look back after - let's say - 10 years, there will be a surprisingly small number of names which will occupy your heart permanently and in a very special, intimate and even emotional way. Your preferences (hair color etc.) might have even changed, but the attraction between you and the models you found by that magic I talked about, did not fade away or weaken. I pretend that even those of you who say "All that character talk is nonsense! I want boobs and asses.", you think too short and didn't notice the whole process! Open your mind! When you become a fan of Milena Angel it's all too understandable since she's beautiful beyond compare! But the categories in search functions (blonde, blue eyes, long hair, tight body etc.) will lead you to 200 models! But you became a fan of HER! That has a meaning! For you and for her! She has something you can not put in words but it makes you her fan! You can call it her perfection in what she does, you can call it psychology, you can call it magic. But it's precious either way! For models and fans alike!

But please know this: it is also virtual and will ever be! Talking about fate and destiny... you better read a good book! Or you go out and find both in your Real World! This is Nude Art World! Fantasies, dreams, imaginations and magic are at home here! Certainly beauty. And even love! And so much more! Inspiring, awesome. Very special and VERY precious! But virtual! YOUR personal destiny - in romantic and all other regards - is not a fantasy, but right before your door!

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